Oh Don’t Worry The Gangsters Will Hit Uptown Soon Enough..

Think whats hap­pen­ing in Jamaica is a joke?
Think again!
The small Island of 4411 square miles is just a hop skip and a jump from Morant Point to Negril. With new­ly built Highways it’s now only a breeze to skip from one point to the oth­er.
I mean that not as an encour­age­ment to the dan­ger­ous and reck­less lunatics who dri­ve on the roads at break­neck speeds.
Neither do I want to make it seem like it’s okay to over­take long lines of vehi­cles going in the same direc­tion on dual car­riage­ways forc­ing traf­fic going in the oppo­site direc­tion to take eva­sive action or end up in a head on col­li­sion.

A dai­ly occur­rence

Now we all know how Jamaicans are focused on whats impor­tant we nev­er miss an oppor­tu­ni­ty to be extra or to show just how dif­fer­ent we are.
In fact, we are so intent on being dif­fer­ent we sel­dom rec­og­nize that we offend the hell out of oth­ers.
And why not, if you don’t agree with us putting our phone on speak­er as we walk into the bank or office while we chat at the top of our voic­es as every­one looks on in hor­ror, then that’s your fault, who cares that you are offend­ed?

Why should we care about any­thing any­one says, we are the peo­ple who place John in front of Crow then change it to Jankru. We are the peo­ple who make a moun­tain of diss­ing a live and beau­ti­ful Ishawna over a harm­less com­ment as we res­ur­rect an icon­ic yet long deceased Louise Bennett-Coverly, lav­ish praise on her, all because we con­clude Ishawna dissed the clothes she wore decades ago. Never mind that the idi­ot­ic argu­ments are cen­tered around ban­dana a type of fab­ric miss Lou wore as a cos­tume. Ishawna dress­es skimpi­ly, it’s a cos­tume, Miss Lou dressed in ban­dana, it was a cos­tume.
Cultural diss, what baloney?
What stu­pid­i­ty!
Truly miss Lou would have won­dered whether we have lost our damn minds.

There is no won­der we always seem to place the cart before the horse. We nev­er lis­ten to rea­son because we whole­heart­ed­ly con­vince our­selves that the deviances inher­ent in our behav­iors are worth­while pros rather than cringe-wor­thy cons.

We need a fresh new start, if we do not make a turn, it won’t be long before the stu­pid­i­ty we allow to per­sist will be our ulti­mate demise.
Shielding a cow­ard­ly punk who have just gunned down three peo­ple while blam­ing the police for exter­mi­nat­ing the piece of excre­ment is not call­ing for jus­tice.
It demon­strates beyond a shad­ow of a doubt that every jack one of you on that demon­stra­tion line is no dif­fer­ent than the scum lying dead on the side­walk.

What I will nev­er do under any con­di­tion is to pre­tend that the ridicu­lous­ly neg­a­tive things we do are some­how praise-wor­thy things to be emu­lat­ed or be proud of.
If your son shoots some­one and is in turn shot by the police or any­one else that does not make the police or any­one else wor­thy of your ire it makes you com­plic­it if you blame the process of his demise rather than his actions which caused his demise in the first instance.

The coun­try is awash in guns, guns are every­where AK47’s M16’s and all kinds of assault weapons which were designed to exact mass casu­al­ties.
The secu­ri­ty forces are strug­gling might­i­ly to remove some of the weapons and ammu­ni­tion from the streets.
Something tells me though that the weapons and ammu­ni­tion are com­ing in a torrent.Meanwhile, the secu­ri­ty forces are tak­ing some back in a trick­le.

The bond­ing togeth­er of JLPNP gang­sters in 2010 in com­mon uni­ty to defend Tivoli Gardens and Christopher Duddus Coke from extra­di­tion would have awak­ened smart peo­ple that this mon­ster must be stamped out once and for all.
Instead, the par­ty in pow­er the JLP took all kinds of actions, includ­ing using tax­pay­ers funds to pay a lob­by­ing firm to defend a com­mon thug they had cre­at­ed and nur­tured.

Tivoli pan­el..
Hazel Harris, David Simmons, and Anthony Harriott

Not to be out­done, as soon as they took office instead of secur­ing the nation the PNP decid­ed to play pol­i­tics by shoring up their gar­risons while rev­el­ing in the destruc­tion of Tivoli Gardens as the quin­tes­sen­tial polit­i­cal strong­hold.
But that was­n’t all, in an effort to score polit­i­cal points the PNP went ahead with a Kangaroo pan­el which decid­ed that the valiant secu­ri­ty forces who went to that war were to be chas­tised and admon­ished for risk­ing their lives to annex Tivoli to Jamaica.”
Truth be told the PNP admin­is­tra­tion which was nev­er a law and order par­ty, real­ly want­ed mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty forces jailed for doing exact­ly what they were sworn and asked to do.
Not only were the secu­ri­ty forces demo­nized by the pros­ti­tutes who made up the pan­el they also rec­om­mend­ed that a for­mal apol­o­gy is made to the com­mu­ni­ty.
You sim­ply can­not make this up.

You can rest assured that if you sow the wind you will reap the whirl­wind.
The com­ing togeth­er of dozens pos­si­bly hun­dreds of heav­i­ly armed thugs for a com­mon cause is now not out of the realm of pos­si­bil­i­ty.
They have demon­strat­ed that mon­ey or the lure of it trumps pret­ty much all else.
In 2010 thugs loy­al to both par­ties came togeth­er, set­ting pol­i­tics and oth­er con­sid­er­a­tions aside to lend their mus­cle to Coke, all for the almighty dol­lar.

Mark my words this bull­shit pussy­foot­ing by this admin­is­tra­tion as it was the one before it is play­ing with fire.
You fight fire with fire sup­pres­sant. Some fires are fought with water oth­ers sand and oth­ers foam, it all depends on the accel­er­ant fuel­ing the fire.

scenes from 2010, this will be a cake­walk com­pared to whats to come.

I’m actu­al­ly smil­ing because I know as sure as night fol­lows the day that the day will come when they will rise up and take out ele­ments of the pow­er struc­ture in the coun­try and every­one will be left with mouths agape, won­der­ing how in the hell did this hap­pen.
Don’t look at me you pre­ten­tious bas­tards want to pre­tend that these ter­ror­ists should be treat­ed as choir boys?
Deal with the con­se­quences!

There is one solu­tion to what is hap­pen­ing, unleash the full pow­er of the law on these scum and let the chips fall where they may.
Then rebuild.