Please JCF, Show A Little Bit Of Common Sense And Outside The Box Thinking…

If a so-called Don gets killed one way or the oth­er, it is prob­a­bly a safe bet that there are going to be oth­er crim­i­nal thugs at his inter­ment.
If that is true, depend­ing on the noto­ri­ety of the scum which was erad­i­cat­ed, it is rea­son­able to pre­sume that they will have guns with them.

There is a gen­er­al unwrit­ten rule which cops across the globe have stuck to as it relates to places of wor­ship and moments in which fam­i­lies are in grief, they are treat­ed with a cer­tain degree of def­er­ence.
That def­er­ence is gen­er­al­ly giv­en to some degree, as long as those attend­ing funer­als for the deceased crim­i­nals do not them­selves break the laws.

In a coun­try like Jamaica where crim­i­nals are pre­dis­posed to doing exact­ly what they please it ought to be in the inter­est of law enforce­ment to be much more proac­tive in its approach.
You know the thugs are going to be at the funer­als and you know they are like­ly going to bring their weapons and in far too many cas­es are going to use them to offer salutes to the imbe­cile who met his just due.
Why would the police not have resources in place to deal appro­pri­ate­ly with this prac­tice?

The police must not only show strength in deal­ing with the scourge of law­less­ness and brazen deprav­i­ty we see in the killings, it must demon­strate cun­ning and dex­ter­i­ty in coun­ter­ing those who would unleash their brutish brand of bar­barism on the nation.
Simply put, the Police must keep crim­i­nals off bal­ance in order to have a chance at suc­cess. As it stands crim­i­nals have the Police off bal­ance and that does not bode well for law-abid­ing Jamaicans.

Alleged gang­ster going home in style…

The Police must have under­cov­er cops at funer­als. Apart from guns and ammu­ni­tion which are like­ly to be at these events they are a poten­tial trea­sure trove of intel­li­gence for law enforce­ment.
These are the events which bring out crim­i­nals aligned to crim­i­nals, these are the times the police should bring out the cam­eras to make the con­nec­tions.

This intel­li­gence is crit­i­cal in forg­ing link­ages and are invalu­able to future inves­ti­ga­tions.
Is it too much to expect the Police to show a lit­tle bit of crit­i­cal thinking[not a great deal which may actu­al­ly make the force seem like a real police depart­ment] sic, just enough to con­vince the peo­ple to keep this depart­ment?

I mean come on Commissioner Quallo, you have a large bunch of paper push­ers who should­n’t even be on your staff, why are they not being required to pro­duce results?
Policing to a large extent is com­mon sense, it is a chess game which requires offi­cers to pre­empt the moves of those who would break the laws and be one step ahead of them.
Presently the JCF is not play­ing chess, it is still learn­ing to play check­ers.

Having served in the depart­ment for a decade I have seen the lethar­gy and lack of imag­i­na­tion, I have seen the lack of for­ti­tude and the lack of fol­low up.
Despite the much-hyped improve­ments to the force since I served in the ear­ly 90’s, there has not been much evi­dence to sup­port the hype.
The depart­ment is work­ing with expo­nen­tial­ly more than we ever hoped to have back in my days, and under­stand­ably the chal­lenges the force faces today are greater.

With that said, I under­stood when I served that we could accom­plish a great deal more and we could have been far more effec­tive if we had effec­tive lead­er­ship in my time.
The same is true today, the police depart­ment has not demon­stra­bly shown that it can be trust­ed to pro­duce results over and above that which it already does.