PNP Ramping Up 70’s Era Campaign Of Destabilization And Mobilization Of Dissent

We can hate pol­i­tics all we want but we need peo­ple to take care of the coun­tries in which we live and yes I know just how moron­ic they can be, but by virtue of what they do we are forced to live with them.
I guess what I am real­ly say­ing is that regard­less of what peo­ple do we are well.… peo­ple and so it real­ly makes lit­tle sense to broad­brush every­one when we per­cieve that they did some­thing wrong.
I say this to say that not all politi­cians are bad but some­times the actions of some makes it dif­fi­cult to not just hate all of their ass­es.

Take for instance that moron­ic Angella Brown-Burke Member of par­lia­ment for (St Andrew South West), the gar­ri­son com­mu­ni­ty once held by long­time par­lia­men­tar­i­an and PM Portia Simpson Miller.
In address­ing the Parliament this idi­ot­ic woman had the nerve to tell the house that she would take to the streets if the Government did not extend the ZOSO to her con­stituen­cy so that the killings can stop and peo­ple can have peace and secu­ri­ty.
At the very same tine she is threat­en­ing that she will take to the streets with her sup­port­ers to demon­strate and poten­tial­ly upend the econ­o­my if a state of pub­lic emer­gency is called in her con­stituen­cy.

The con­stituen­cy of St ndrew South West is not Angella Brown-Burke’s it is a tiny bit of Jamaica which ahs been juiced for all it’s worth by the PNP and Portia Simpson Miller for approx­i­mate­ly forty years and has been passed on for fur­ther exploita­tion by anoth­er abnox­ious vira­go to con­tin­ue the pat­tern of abuse under the guise of fem­i­nist love.

There is no log­i­cal argu­ment to be made after the entire career of Portia Simpson Miller was spent right there. During this time the nation wit­nessed her ris­ing from local gov­ern­ment to rep­re­sent­ing the con­stituen­cy at the nation­al lev­el, to Prime Minister, with the con­stituen­cy retain­ing the rat­ings as the worst in the coun­try.

If these are the qual­i­ty of peo­ple that con­stituen­cy choses to rep­re­sent them (loud, abra­sive, abnox­ious, uncouth, crass,arrogant,) then maybe the peo­ple who live there deserve the lives they lead.

Peter Phillips oppo­si­tion leader

Now, there is noth­ing wrong with the state­ment, per-se, politi­cians vicif­er­ous­ly and pas­sion­ate­ly petion­ing for their con­stituents is admirable. What is prob­lem­at­ic is the mes­sen­ger, and the con­stituen­cy in ques­tion. As I said this Angella Brown Burke is now the mem­ber of par­lia­ment for the con­stituen­cy, If you know Portia and Brown Burke you can­not but feel sor­ry for the peo­ple in that con­stituen­cy.

It’s tough to think that after almost forty years (40) of Portia Simpson Miller that they could not get some­one oth­er than anoth­er loud­mouth uncul­tured vira­go advo­cat­ing on their behalf.
Look, its trag­ic that peo­ple are dying on any lev­el but peo­ple have been dying across Jamaica for many years now. The nerve of Angella Brown-Burke to be mak­ing demands of this two year old gov­ern­ment under threats of civ­il unrest. It is ludi­crous, con­sid­er­ing that Portia Simpson Miller would­n’t even walk through the gar­risons with Andrew Holness at the time he had his first go around as prime Minister after Bruce Golding was forced to step aside.

Angela Brown-Burke

The sim­ple mind­ed Portia Simpson Miller at the time said there are no walls in her con­stituen­cy, allud­ing to the most sim­plis­tic under­stand­ing of what a gar­ri­son is.
Imagine the nerve of demand­ing peace and quite in her gar­ri­son con­stituen­cy when they are the ones who were in pow­er for so much more than the oth­er par­ty and they are the ones who have aways had con­trol of the cos­tituen­cy?
On what basis does she make demands now where is their sense of shame?

Arlene Harrison Henry

But between Peter Phillips the old tun back Rasta now parad­ing as polit­i­cal leader, Angella Brown Burke mak­ing threats, Dayton Campbell’s lies about the Cornwall region­al hos­pi­tal and of course the über moron Densise Daley who does­n’t want any­thing green in her con­stituen­cy it seem there is a seri­ous attempt to take Jamaica back to the old sytle pol­i­tics that Jamaicans have com­mend­ably walked away from.

Horace Levy

The strate­gies unfold­ing from the PNP and their affil­i­ates out­side the lead­er­ship of their par­ty can­not be ignored. Whether it’s Horace Levy the gri­zled old self serv­ing Manley advi­sor or its Arlene Harrison Henry anoth­er [kum­red] in the Public Defender’s office it is clear that there are enough of these holdovers with­in the pub­lic sec­tor which makes change extreme­ly dif­fi­cult.

Denise Daley

Why on earth would Arlene Harrison-Henry, Peter Phillips and Horace Levy be call­ing for an end to the state of emer­gency in St James except to see mur­der sky­rock­et again so they can make polit­i­cal hay of it?
Logical que­tion, but this 70’s style cam­paign of desta­bi­liza­tion is text­book PNP old style com­mu­nist tac­tic. Why else would Mark Golding the mem­ber of par­lia­ment for the Arnett Gardens area dri­ve up to the Prime Minister’s res­i­dence under the guise of point­ing out dif­fer­ences in the acce­sories on the road­way if not to stir up rebel­lion of worse.

I mean the Prime Minister has to be dri­ven there each and every day in a coun­try which is extreme­ly vio­lent. Isn’t it time that the home of Mark Golding become the focus of nation­al atten­tion com­men­su­rate with what he has start­ed then?
I mean seri­ous­ly, what is the jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for doing these things?

The peo­ple liv­ing in the St James com­mu­ni­ties love the fact that the secu­ri­ty forces are in their com­mu­ni­ties, so the call for it to end is about the PNP lust for blood and noth­ing else. Now I am sure that the JLP will be hap­py with me up to this point but I tell the truth regard­less of who is hurt or upset by it.
The JLP is pret­ty com­fort­able with these spe­cial inter­est peo­ple like Levy and oth­ers, in fact lob­by­ists have been inte­gral in some of the chal­lenges we are fac­ing with our crime prob­lem. INDECOM came about because Bruce Golding legit­imized Carolyn Gomes’ bull­shit and now the coun­try is stuck with INDECOM which does not take direc­tion from the gov­ern­ment, and is in fact act­ing as an inde­pen­dent gov­ern­ment but that is a dis­cus­sion for a dif­fer­ent time.