Police high command scared shitless to stand with officers


[“We have seen the evidence we will await the outcome of the Investigations in the meantime we stand with our officers”].


Where have I heard that statement before?
Oh, that is the standard statement real police departments put out to the media when their officers are accused of doing something wrong.
That curt yet professional statement says two things. (1) We are not going to engage in the demonizing of our officers and (2)  Don’t come to us wait for the investigations to conclude.

The Police High Command has ordered an investigation into an incident, captured on video, depicting members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) embroiled in an altercation with members of the public. During the incident, Gleaner photographer Rudolph Brown was pepper sprayed by a policewoman.
Persons who witnessed or who were involved in the incident at the Silver Slipper Plaza in Cross Roads, St Andrew, on Tuesday, have been urged to contact the Inspectorate of Constabulary at 906-5325 or 754-8217 to share any information they may have.

This was the tight scene around the officers as they sought to do their jobs and a had their working spaces invaded by Brown and others.

Notice the difference here?
What exactly do the idiots in the so-called high command of the JCF expect that anyone who shows up to give evidence is going to say?
Are they going to show up to give evidence supportive of the police or are they 100% inclined to tell lies about what they saw even though they may not even have been there?
Whats wrong with the video why a determination cannot be made using the very footage the PAJ and its affiliates are using to cry foul?

The very stance of the police high command, jittery and panicked in its statements sends the wrong message, almost as if the officers are in the wrong even without an investigation!


Rudolph Brown

Brown reported that he was in the Cross Roads area when he witnessed a commotion, which seemed to be caused by police attempts to arrest a man.

(1) A journalist on assignment has a responsibility to obey police officers commands to move away when they are executing their duties.
Rudolph Brown wasn’t even on assignment, which makes his arguments doubly dubious and tenuous.

(2)He subsequently took out his smartphone and began recording the incident. He was instructed by a police sergeant to stop recording, but he continued to record the incident after identifying himself as a media worker.

Why was there a need for Brown to identify himself as a journalist if he was at a safe distance from the officers?
(3)Brown alleges, The sergeant then told a constable to pepper spray him.
Why would the subofficer give the order to pepper spray Brown if he was a safe distance away? Isn’t it clear that this has nothing to do with the fact that Brown who was not officially on duty took it upon himself to get in the way of an active and fluid arrest in which a suspect wasn’t even yet subdued and refused lawful orders to move away?

(4) Isn’t the fact that Brown alleges that he was sprayed in his eyes a clear and decisive bit of evidence that he was very close to the officers.  That he represented a risk and a perceived threat to their safety in the lawful execution of their duties?

Does anyone really believe that this is worthy of an investigation or is this just another example of another piece of shit who decides that the police cannot tell him what to do and got burned in the process?
You see the only thing I fault the officers with, is not arresting him and let him cool his heels in a cell so that the next time he is going about his business and he sees officers arresting a subject he does either of two things,(1)  keep walking or (2) videotape from a safe distance.


Clifford Blake

There was not a single word of support for the officers from the acting Commissioner of Police who couldn’t wait for Commissioner George Quallo’s chair to be cooled before plopping his ass in it.
The Media Association of Jamaica Ltd (MAJ), The Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) all came out in defense of Brown and demanding all kinds of Investigations. Not a word from the known anti-police acting commissioner of Police Clifford Blake.

Despite not having a single word of support for the officers who were doing their jobs Clifford Blake decided to gain a little goodwill for himself at the expense of his colleagues.

In a statement, Blake said he’s aware of concerns being raised in the public domain that cops may be even more enticed to request and accept bribes from motorists. But he said misconduct in any form is unacceptable and will not be countenanced by the Police High Command.

That ought to get him some raves in the peanut gallery, hopefully, he will be out of that office real soon.
No one wants our police officers to ask for bribes and this writer is stridently opposed to dirty cops. In fact, I was working with a cop who stopped a minibus and asked the driver for lunch money. The conductor threw a $5 bill into our car and sped off.

DCP Clifford Blake’s Talk To Cops Exposes Why Crime Has Taken Over Jamaica…

I demanded that he drive the bus down which he reluctantly did and I got out of the car and handed the money back to the conductor to cheers and praise from the passengers. I ordered my colleague to take me back to the station which he did, I promptly made a report to Mister Noel Asphall our boss.
The officer in question was a Corporal, I was a constable. I was able to order him around because he had compromised himself and his authority to me.
The damage he did to himself and the force was immeasurable. He knows who he is.

Nevertheless, DCP Blake could have circulated an internal memo without seeking the glare of the public stage to embarrass the officers so unfortunate to be in his charge.
On a point of note, however, I wonder how many mini-buses Clifford Blake owned as a police officer and does he own any now?
Leadership DCP Blake is criticizing in private and complimenting in public. You see Mister Blake, some people were born great and others had greatness thrust upon them. you decide where you fit, do remember my man you also had a mighty lot of luck and a lot of goodwill you haven’t earned.
Walk good……………

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