Police quite capable of removing these terrorists: If Govt gets out of the way…

The Jamaica Constabulary Force continue to eradicate from the small Island the brutal and merciless home grown terrorists who have taken over the country since the Bruce Golding led JLP in collaboration with the People’s National Party gave the country INDECOM.

The lifeless body of alleged gang leader Daniel Whittaker o/c dan dan.

Since this monstrous police shackling law was passed in 2010 thousands of Jamaicans have lost their lives who wouldn’t normally have.
Many are indeed innocents who should not have lost their lives.
On the other hand many have died who are part of the problem .
With that said between the Government,Opposition, the criminal courts system and the agencies they created to hamstrung the police the job of the police have become increasingly difficult to nearly impossible.

Over the years Administrations of both political parties have allowed lobby groups opposed to the police and supportive of criminals to use police shooting statistics to solicit funds from interests, some of which are opposed to Jamaica’s interest.
Groups like Jamaicans For Justice under the leadership of Carolyn Gomez have done immeasurable harm to our country by manipulating data in support of her own interest .


Out of those actions we got INDECOM, and the Public Defender’s Office but we also got dramatic increases in homicides, Rapes, Sexual molestation of women and children and overall dramatic increases in violent crimes.
As I have said in previous articles Jamaica has people with immense talents and intellect, there is no reason we should not be a first world state despite our late start.

Think for a moment at the immeasurable potential people, all of us, look at what we have done in the diaspora and at home.
Imagine if we are able to coalesce those positives into developing that 4411 square miles?
Now imagine if you are a lender to Jamaica and you want to keep making money.
Would it be in your interest in have a developed solvent Jamaica?
Use your heads Jamaicans, there are people giving money to anti police groups which have done the calculation, they are hoping you will not do yours.

There are highly placed people within the present Government and the Opposition party who have the good sense to recognize that the INDECOM act is having devastating consequences on the enforcement of the Nation’s laws, none have had the character and balls to stand up and demand that this law which kills be repealed.