Police Seize Weapons, Gangsters Pissed.…..

These Weapons were alleged­ly recov­ered today in the West Kingston Area, as police inter­cept­ed two motor cars with gun­men on-board.
Early reports indi­cate that the gang­sters are pissed at this loss.

Thank you for the brave police offi­cers who con­tin­ue to put them­selves between the low-life thugs who are deter­mined to cre­ate may­hem on inno­cent Jamaicans.
Unfortunately, for ordi­nary Jamaicans, these police offi­cers are the only thing which stands between them and the killers, as the Government has deter­mined that the full force and pow­er of the entire state appa­ra­tus are bet­ter used chas­tiz­ing and dis­re­spect­ing the hard work­ing and poor­ly paid police.

In a voice note cir­cu­lat­ing on social media one alleged gang­ster can be heard bemoan­ing the loss of the weapons.
At the same time, the killings con­tin­ue unabat­ed across the Island.

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