Public Sector Wage Demands Fair But.…

Without tak­ing sides in the pub­lic sec­tor wage debate occur­ring in Jamaica, and under­stand­ing full well how any increase giv­en to work­ers is gob­bled up by infla­tion, I would like to ask this ques­tion.
Given the same IMF loan stip­u­la­tions to Jamaica as years ago when the pre­vi­ous Government issued an across the board pub­lic sec­tor wage freeze, why is it that 6% is so insult­ing?
Look, the wage demands of pub­lic sec­tor work­ers are just and fair nev­er­the­less present demands must be bal­anced against the con­straints of the Government’s abil­i­ty to pay.
They should also be approached with the same degree of def­er­ence giv­en to the pre­vi­ous Government, con­sid­er­ing that it uni­lat­er­al­ly imposed an across the board wage freeze.
Public sec­tor work­ers should approach their wage nego­ti­a­tions with the very same degree of pro­fes­sion­al­ism and real­ism regard­less of who occu­pies Jamaica House.
The cause is just the fight is long but there comes a time when real­i­ty must guide our deci­sions.

One thought on “Public Sector Wage Demands Fair But.…

  1. When speak­ing or writ­ing about fair­ness we need to get our facts. When was the last time, if ever, was civ­il ser­van­t’s salary ever increased to 3% & 3% with allowances & fringe ben­e­fits being tak­en away. What is fair about that? How is civ­il ser­vants being unpro­fes­sion­al? Why don’t we speak about the about of per­sons par­lia­men­tar­i­ans have on their pay role. How much gov­ern­ment advi­sors does the PM have? Why mot reduce it to minus one? Why don’t they the par­lia­men­tar­i­ans don’t reduce or remove their allowances & fringed benifits? Why don’t we see to retain our work­ers in the health sec­tor and not get for­eign­ers who is being paid more and do less work?

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