Quadruple Murder In Caymanas Bay

The Police report­ed that at about 10:05 pm on Tuesday November 27th, cit­i­zens in the Caymanas Bay area of Saint Catherine heard sev­er­al loud explo­sions sound­ing like gun­shots com­ing from an area of the com­mu­ni­ty.

On Wednesday the 28th at about 7:30:am a res­i­dent went to enquire at a near­by house from where the explo­sions seemed to have come the day before.
The body of three men were dis­cov­ered lying face down in blood on the veran­dah.
The indi­vid­ual sum­moned the police who were on patrol in the area.
Police respond­ed and a search of the house revealed a fourth body of a male in a room to the rear of the house lying face down with what appeared to be gun­shot wounds.
The police have ten­ta­tive­ly iden­ti­fied the fourth decedant as Jerry Solomon, [o/​c Jerry Dawg]who is said to be the [area leader] in the com­mu­ni­ty, oth­er­wise called a [Don].

Two of the oth­er deceased have also been ten­ta­tive­ly iden­ti­fied by their alias­es, Bobby and Seafood( . The fourt per­son is yet to be inden­ti­fied.
Several 9mm spent cas­ings, live rounds, bul­let frag­ments and three Molotov cock­tail bombs were report­ed­ly dis­cov­ered at the scene.
Investigations con­tin­ues into these lat­est killings.