Quallo Out?

We have just received word that Police Commissioner George Quallo has been fired.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo (file pho­to)

The (POA) Police Officers Association recent­ly blast­ed nation­al secu­ri­ty min­is­ter Robert Montague for med­dling in the run­ning of the force and vowed to accom­pa­ny Commissioner Quallo to a meet­ing sched­uled today between the Commissioner and the Minister.

Word is that it was at that meet­ing that the Commissioner was fired.
Sources con­firmed the Commissioner was told he has to go but for the moment is still on the job.
The Government faced with mount­ing mur­der sta­tis­tics seem­ing­ly is look­ing for a scape­goat and the com­mis­sion­er of police is an ide­al tar­get.
More to come.…..

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  1. Jamaica lack dis­ci­plin and man­ners lack justis lack the fear of god that is the first we lack fear­ing god too much dirty­ness and greed and lust after mon­ey too much loop holes every thing needs tight­en­ing up

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