Soldier Dies Suddenly

A Jamaica Defence Force Corporal 33-yr old Jeremy Campbell who was attached to the Engineering Regiment at Up Park Camp died sud­den­ly on Tuesday at about 7:10pm. The deceased and a female com­pan­ion were at Rajmaville Gaming Louge in Spanish Town where they had drinks and were report­ed­ly lat­er engaged in inti­mate rela­tions.

The sol­dier report­ed­ly went into the bath­room after which his com­pan­ion heard a loud noise con­sis­tent with some­one falling and went to inves­ti­gate, upon which he was found lying face up in the bath­tub.

The deceased was a licensed firearm hold­er, his Glock 9mm pis­tol and four­teen (14) 9mm car­tridges were found lying beside his body on arrival of the police.. The scene and body was processed by Det. Sgt. R. Robinson and Det. Cons. P. Miller of the St. Catherine Scenes of Crime unit.