Stop Resisting…

When an offend­er is told he is under arrest that offend­er has every respon­si­bil­i­ty to sub­mit to being arrest­ed and have his day in court.
If the offi­cer is wrong, the arrestee has access to civ­il reme­dies under the laws.
One thing is cer­tain and should nev­er be for­got­ten !!!!!
When you decide to resist arrest you open your­self up to what­ev­er is com­ing your way and you alone bear that bur­den.
Simply put the offi­cer has a right to arrest you if he believes you are com­mit­ting an offense. You do not have the right to resist or fight with the offi­cer.
He has the right under the law to use force to gain your com­pli­ance.

Don’t resist arrest if you’re inno­cent yuh affi get release.

Jah know.… Don’t resist arrest if you’re inno­cent yuh affi get release. — This cru­el tho

Posted by Dre Ennis on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Slapping away at offi­cers and mov­ing aggres­sive­ly at offi­cers try­ing to make an arrest is tol­er­at­ed only in Jamaica.
I write dai­ly implor­ing offi­cers to put down this kind of behav­ior rather quick­ly.
My only prob­lem with what the offi­cer did was that he did not pro­ceed to cuff him as soon as he was sub­dued.

It was 1982 I was a young con­sta­ble at beat and foot, two of my col­leagues were mobbed at South Parade, I went to their assis­tance, one woman grabbed me by my uni­form shirt and ripped the but­tons apart in the ensu­ing mêlée.
I went to work with my baton and in short order, total order was restored, marched six peo­ple all hold­ing each oth­er’s clothes to Central.
From that day onward until I left Beat and Foot when­ev­er they saw me com­ing they part­ed like the red sea to Moses.
I will move moun­tains for you, I signed on to ensure your safe­ty but if put your hands on me and you will regret it. No Police offi­cer signed up to be assault­ed or killed doing their job.

I have been call­ing for these non-lethal tools to be giv­en to the police and for super­vi­sors to ensure that offi­cers on the beat be in pos­ses­sion of them at all times.
This kind of behav­ior sim­ply has to stop. The Police MUST have the right to make arrests regard­less of the offense, you do not get to fight a police offi­cer and just walk away as if noth­ing hap­pened.