Terrence Williams bigger than the Government thanks to international money: Administration afraid of him…


Terrence Williams has now demonstrated that he is bigger than those who employ him.
In fact, Williams clap-back at Andrew Holness’ comment that INDECOM sometimes goes too far bears out what I have maintained since the agency was authorized.

It now seems that because of INDECOM’s foreign backing, Terrence Williams has adopted a Laissez-faire attitude toward anything anyone says about INDECOM.
His “I don’t give a shit what you think “attitude is now directed at the duly elected Prime Minister.
Now, this is a little bit funny to someone like me.

Andrew Holness is part of the cabal of deplorables[sic] which cooked up this act, with Bruce Golding, Delroy Chuck, and others. Yes, he was part of that Administration and of course with the blessings of the simple-minded Portia Simpson Miller and her band of criminal supporting thugs.

Remember that Terrence Williams’ brother is part of the JLP Administration. Now here is the kicker, Holness knew at the time that the way the law was drafted and worded would have serious consequences for Police officers yet he did nothing.
He has since then steadfastly refused to acknowledge that the law is harmful even as his wife a neophyte politician expressed empathy with the police.
It is only now that he has a surly police department on his hand, angry about the way wage negotiations are regressing that Holness suddenly has his epiphany.
While we are on the subject let me once again say to the lawyers and village lawyers who are incapable of understanding what we mean when we say the law is grossly injurious to police officers, no matter how clean they are.

Bruce Golding gave the nation INDECOM and all its side effects, as well as the Tivoli affair and God know what else?

(1) The law demands that Police Officers attend INDECOM’s offices at the earliest opportunity (at the peril of prison) and give statements in cases where they were forced to use lethal force.
Anyone who has ever been involved in a shooting understands how devastatingly traumatic that is.
In most departments in other countries officers are given time to decompress from that ordeal.
According to the Emperor of INDECOM [sic], it appears that officers relish being engaged in fatal shootings, so the levels of fatal shootings are attributable to that love of killing and not the extreme violent nature of the Island’s killers..

(2) Officers are forced to defend themselves in court in cases where they did their jobs and a zealous confrontational INDECOM and Terrence Willimas charges them with a crime, usually resulting in immense hardships and financial ruination.

(3) To those talking about good cops having nothing to fear, put that in your pipes and smoke it. Let’s see how you would like to be ruined financially for doing exactly what you swore to do at the peril of prison.

(4) This writer is encouraged that the Government is now providing some semblance of financial relief to officers to help with their legal bills in cases where they are persecuted for doing their duty.
The thing to do is to repeal the law and replace it with a law which protects both police and public alike.
I will personally continue to do my little part to keep the light shining on this monstrous crime enhancement law which is taking the lives of countless Jamaicans and changing the way people respond to the rule of law forever.

Terrence Williams is not an independent investigator he is a blatant anti-police antagonist with his own agenda.

I call on this Government to stop this right now by repealing the INDECOM law and replace the law with one which works for both the Police and the public.
Hire a Commissioner who is untainted by the self-aggrandizement and self-promotion, one who understands that as an independent investigative unit his/her agency cannot take sides one way or the other.

Terrence Williams argues that INDECOM also has oversight of the Military and Corrections departments yet he has heard no complaints of low morale from those two entities.
(1) When the Military takes to the streets it does so under the purview of the Police, not as a law enforcement entity on its own.
(2) The corrections department deals with incarcerated people who are subject to the rules of the Institution in which they are held and are dealt with according to the rules therein.
(3) The Police are forced to deal with everyone who breaks the law and those who support them and their refusal to submit to being held accountable for their transgressions against the law.

Either this guy is not too bright or he is deliberately trying to deceive the public, something he has done effectively with the help of a complicit cabal of anti-police antagonists in the media for seven years. Police work is nothing like what the military or corrections departments do, Police officers are asked to deal with much more, including making life and death decisions within a fraction of a second.
Since lying Terrence Williams knows so much about this police culture he so glibly talks about through his lying deceptive lips, I say to him do a ride along with the two or so cops at night in Payne land, West Kingston, East Kingston or the ghettos surrounding Montego Bay.

I know this gets to you Terrence, so I challenge you to put on your big boy pants for a week and show the nation that you are not just talking.
Demonstrate to the country that when you make your big chat you are willing to back them up by placing your life on the line to back them up.
Do the ride-along with the real men who protect our country. You are a disrespectful little narcissist who speaks about the men and women of the police department in disrespectful terms, even the career officers who have given decades of service to our country way above anything you will ever accomplish.
Show some damn respect.
Failing which, sit your ass down and shut your fucking mouth………