Terrence Williams Bigger Than The Government Thanks To International Money: Administration Afraid Of Him…

Terrence Williams has now demon­strat­ed that he is big­ger than those who employ him.
In fact, Williams clap-back at Andrew Holness’ com­ment that INDECOM some­times goes too far bears out what I have main­tained since the agency was autho­rized.

It now seems that because of INDECOM’s for­eign back­ing, Terrence Williams has adopt­ed a Laissez-faire atti­tude toward any­thing any­one says about INDECOM.
His “I don’t give a shit what you think “atti­tude is now direct­ed at the duly elect­ed Prime Minister.
Now, this is a lit­tle bit fun­ny to some­one like me.

Andrew Holness is part of the cabal of deplorables[sic] which cooked up this act, with Bruce Golding, Delroy Chuck, and oth­ers. Yes, he was part of that Administration and of course with the bless­ings of the sim­ple-mind­ed Portia Simpson Miller and her band of crim­i­nal sup­port­ing thugs.

Remember that Terrence Williams’ broth­er is part of the JLP Administration. Now here is the kick­er, Holness knew at the time that the way the law was draft­ed and word­ed would have seri­ous con­se­quences for Police offi­cers yet he did noth­ing.
He has since then stead­fast­ly refused to acknowl­edge that the law is harm­ful even as his wife a neo­phyte politi­cian expressed empa­thy with the police.
It is only now that he has a surly police depart­ment on his hand, angry about the way wage nego­ti­a­tions are regress­ing that Holness sud­den­ly has his epiphany.
While we are on the sub­ject let me once again say to the lawyers and vil­lage lawyers who are inca­pable of under­stand­ing what we mean when we say the law is gross­ly inju­ri­ous to police offi­cers, no mat­ter how clean they are.

Bruce Golding gave the nation INDECOM and all its side effects, as well as the Tivoli affair and God know what else?

(1) The law demands that Police Officers attend INDECOM’s offices at the ear­li­est oppor­tu­ni­ty (at the per­il of prison) and give state­ments in cas­es where they were forced to use lethal force.
Anyone who has ever been involved in a shoot­ing under­stands how dev­as­tat­ing­ly trau­mat­ic that is.
In most depart­ments in oth­er coun­tries offi­cers are giv­en time to decom­press from that ordeal.
According to the Emperor of INDECOM [sic], it appears that offi­cers rel­ish being engaged in fatal shoot­ings, so the lev­els of fatal shoot­ings are attrib­ut­able to that love of killing and not the extreme vio­lent nature of the Island’s killers..

(2) Officers are forced to defend them­selves in court in cas­es where they did their jobs and a zeal­ous con­fronta­tion­al INDECOM and Terrence Willimas charges them with a crime, usu­al­ly result­ing in immense hard­ships and finan­cial ruina­tion.

(3) To those talk­ing about good cops hav­ing noth­ing to fear, put that in your pipes and smoke it. Let’s see how you would like to be ruined finan­cial­ly for doing exact­ly what you swore to do at the per­il of prison.

(4) This writer is encour­aged that the Government is now pro­vid­ing some sem­blance of finan­cial relief to offi­cers to help with their legal bills in cas­es where they are per­se­cut­ed for doing their duty.
The thing to do is to repeal the law and replace it with a law which pro­tects both police and pub­lic alike.
I will per­son­al­ly con­tin­ue to do my lit­tle part to keep the light shin­ing on this mon­strous crime enhance­ment law which is tak­ing the lives of count­less Jamaicans and chang­ing the way peo­ple respond to the rule of law for­ev­er.

Terrence Williams is not an inde­pen­dent inves­ti­ga­tor he is a bla­tant anti-police antag­o­nist with his own agen­da.

I call on this Government to stop this right now by repeal­ing the INDECOM law and replace the law with one which works for both the Police and the pub­lic.
Hire a Commissioner who is untaint­ed by the self-aggran­dize­ment and self-pro­mo­tion, one who under­stands that as an inde­pen­dent inves­tiga­tive unit his/​her agency can­not take sides one way or the oth­er.

Terrence Williams argues that INDECOM also has over­sight of the Military and Corrections depart­ments yet he has heard no com­plaints of low morale from those two enti­ties.
(1) When the Military takes to the streets it does so under the purview of the Police, not as a law enforce­ment enti­ty on its own.
(2) The cor­rec­tions depart­ment deals with incar­cer­at­ed peo­ple who are sub­ject to the rules of the Institution in which they are held and are dealt with accord­ing to the rules there­in.
(3) The Police are forced to deal with every­one who breaks the law and those who sup­port them and their refusal to sub­mit to being held account­able for their trans­gres­sions against the law.

Either this guy is not too bright or he is delib­er­ate­ly try­ing to deceive the pub­lic, some­thing he has done effec­tive­ly with the help of a com­plic­it cabal of anti-police antag­o­nists in the media for sev­en years. Police work is noth­ing like what the mil­i­tary or cor­rec­tions depart­ments do, Police offi­cers are asked to deal with much more, includ­ing mak­ing life and death deci­sions with­in a frac­tion of a sec­ond.
Since lying Terrence Williams knows so much about this police cul­ture he so glibly talks about through his lying decep­tive lips, I say to him do a ride along with the two or so cops at night in Payne land, West Kingston, East Kingston or the ghet­tos sur­round­ing Montego Bay.

I know this gets to you Terrence, so I chal­lenge you to put on your big boy pants for a week and show the nation that you are not just talk­ing.
Demonstrate to the coun­try that when you make your big chat you are will­ing to back them up by plac­ing your life on the line to back them up.
Do the ride-along with the real men who pro­tect our coun­try. You are a dis­re­spect­ful lit­tle nar­cis­sist who speaks about the men and women of the police depart­ment in dis­re­spect­ful terms, even the career offi­cers who have giv­en decades of ser­vice to our coun­try way above any­thing you will ever accom­plish.
Show some damn respect.
Failing which, sit your ass down and shut your fuck­ing mouth.….….