The Full Truth Out, Now What For The Police-hating Trolls?

In no oth­er coun­try would the right of any­one super­sede the rights of inno­cent minor chil­dren.
Except in Jamaica where a Rastafarian wannabe star’s lies, and assaults the police, destroys pub­lic prop­er­ty yet his posi­tion is sup­port­ed by many in the pub­lic sphere.
In this cesspool of anti-police malig­nan­cy, despite the cred­i­ble state­ments of the chil­dren’s aunt, the police hat­ing trolls still berate the police for doing exact­ly what they are sworn to do.

Sean McDonald

The inci­dent which occurred recent­ly in which the aunt of two lit­tle boys asked the Gordon Town Police to accom­pa­ny her to a res­i­dence to remove two boys she believed were not being tak­en care of, have once again high­light­ed some old fis­sures with­in the Jamaican soci­ety.
According to local report­ing, Melesha Welsh aunt of the two boys and sis­ter-in-law of Rastafarian Sean McDonald, who goes by the moniker (JahDore) asked the police to accom­pa­ny her to the house to attend and inves­ti­gate reports the chil­dren were not being well cared for.
In syn­op­sis, the chil­dren were removed from the res­i­dence by Ms. Welsh and tak­en to the Gordon Town Police sta­tion upon which Sean McDonald showed up and all hell broke out.

“I regret noth­ing. The kids are not Rastafarian, and they are not even his (bio­log­i­cal) kids. I trimmed them, and fed them, not the police. This is a big pub­lic­i­ty stunt by JahDore, my father is a ras­ta, I respect their tra­di­tions, I would not vio­late that. I made the com­plaint to the police because I love my nephews and they have not been going to school since October last year, and now is May, and it could­n’t con­tin­ue, I don’t want them to grow up dunce and can’t con­tribute to soci­ety.” Ms. Welsh told a local reporter.

It was a sim­ple mat­ter and we all were at the police sta­tion to dis­cuss it when I saw JahDore kick the offi­cer in his bel­ly and the offi­cer grabbed his foot and thump him in the face. When I saw Jahdore dip to his waist, I grabbed the chil­dren and ran out of the police sta­tion because I feared what would hap­pen next. While out­side, I saw a bar­ber across the road. The kids had a fun­gus in their head, espe­cial­ly the younger one, so I took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do it, I had to beg the bar­ber to trim him,” said Welsh, who is the sis­ter of JahDore’s spouse, Semela. According to Loopnews.


Since the inci­dent occurred, every Tom, Harry, and police-hat­ing Dick have crawled out of the wood­work to seek rel­e­vance by pil­ing on the police for doing exact­ly what they are sworn to do.
If for instance, Ms. Welsh had gone to the Gordon Town Police and asked for help to secure the well­be­ing of two minor chil­dren she believed to be in dan­ger, and the police failed to assist her and harm came to the chil­dren, what would be the posi­tion of the anti-police vil­lage lawyers?
Literally every day, minor chil­dren face grave dan­ger in Jamaica at the hands of rel­a­tives and oth­ers, who are sup­posed to give care and secu­ri­ty to them. That fact is sep­a­rate from the stark real­i­ty of the nation’s atro­cious crime epi­dem­ic, which places inno­cent chil­dren smackdab in the crosshairs of the human vul­tures who prey on the defense­less.


The step­fa­ther of the chil­dren a wannabe star is con­sid­ered among the nev­er-end­ing list of untouch­ables in the coun­try which prides itself on its high crime sta­tis­tics.
This low-life actu­al­ly went to the police sta­tion and assault­ed a police offi­cer.
There is an old Jamaican say­ing (ash­es cold dawg sleep in de).
From the mouth of the cred­i­ble wit­ness and aunt to the alleged abused chil­dren Ms. Welsh, quote” It was a sim­ple mat­ter and we all were at the police sta­tion to dis­cuss it when I saw JahDore kick the offi­cer in his bel­ly.“
This police force has cer­tain­ly gone soft and has become a pussy. I make no apol­o­gy for mak­ing this obser­va­tion. This illit­er­ate fool should not be head­ing to the Half-Way-Tree cour­t­house this morn­ing, he should be lying some­where chill­ing.
This is the kind of atmos­phere that the PNP and JLP have cre­at­ed in Jamaica. Not just in the sense that a law-break­er would attack and try to harm a police offi­cer, that comes with the ter­ri­to­ry.
Nevertheless, the gen­er­al across the board dis­re­spect for the rule of law, from the lack of under­stand­ing that the police is duty bound to pro­tect minors, to the con­dem­na­tion and lies by the vil­lage lawyers in the soci­ety and the phys­i­cal attack on the police offi­cers in the sta­tion house is a sear­ing indict­ment on the state of affairs in the coun­try.


In most coun­tries, secur­ing the inter­est of chil­dren who may be in dan­ger one way or the oth­er, is of para­mount inter­est.
This is true not just of all state agen­cies, but it is an unwrit­ten under­stand­ing among the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion that we look after our most vul­ner­a­ble.
The shock­ing real­i­ty is that coun­ter­in­tu­itive­ly, in JAMAICA, the great­est con­cern to the peo­ple who are sup­posed to care most about these very vul­ner­a­ble chil­dren is for a fuck­ing Rastafarian who was alleged­ly not tak­ing care of the chil­dren in his care, and psy­chi­cal­ly attacked police offi­cers.
God for­bid that the hair of the chil­dren be cut and they are fed a meal.
Because for this coun­try, hav­ing dirty dread­locks with fun­gus in their head is far more impor­tant than per­son­al hygiene and a good meal.
It is a sick and non­sen­si­cal Orwellian men­tal­i­ty which makes the wrong right, and right wrong which is feed­ing this mas­sive mur­der rate on this once love­ly Island.
It is a place where Convicted dope deal­ers are cel­e­brat­ed and giv­en God-like rev­er­ence, where mur­der­ing scum­bag com­mu­ni­ty thugs are ele­vat­ed and referred to as “DONS’.
A place where Rastafarians who with their col­leagues destroyed per­son­al prop­er­ty and mur­dered respond­ing police offi­cers are giv­en apolo­gies and tax-pay­ers mon­ey to boot.
It is a coun­try in which an entire com­mu­ni­ty thumbed its col­lec­tive nose at the rule of law for decades, opt­ing instead for the lead­er­ship of a com­mon mur­der­er. When the secu­ri­ty forces final­ly annexed that com­mu­ni­ty to the coun­try, those who sur­vived were com­pen­sat­ed for their decades-long sup­port and indul­gence in ille­gal activ­i­ties against the coun­try.
This is what JAMAICA has become.…..