The Killing Of Babies/​women Of No Concern To Human Rights Frauds.…..

One of the most dis­tress­ing issues plagu­ing Jamaica with­in the broad­er crime epi­dem­ic, is the sex­u­al abuse and mur­der of lit­tle girls, young girls, and women over­all.
The sex­u­al abuse of women has always been a prob­lem in our coun­try, like in oth­er coun­tries.
Nevertheless, Jamaica has not kept pace as it relates to the behav­ior of far too many Jamaican men.
Grabbing, ogling, unwant­ed-touch­ing, harass­ment, and gen­er­al dis­re­spect of women in pub­lic spaces is ram­pant. Some men seem to believe that women are theirs to own and abuse.

Over the years, despite the mas­sive advance­ment women have made through edu­ca­tion, which has pro­pelled them to the high­est offices in the coun­try, the aver­age woman on the street, and in our com­mu­ni­ties, are forced to endure demean­ing behav­ior and sex­u­al harass­ment and assault from men.
This writer has con­sis­tent­ly spo­ken to what I saw as an inevitable back­lash against women for their tac­it and con­spir­a­to­r­i­al sup­port for our crim­i­nal male.
Not just that, but I have argued that in many cas­es the women have been the cat­a­lyst in the ille­gal actions of their men.
I argued repeat­ed­ly, that the blood­lust of the men would even­tu­al­ly turn around on our women.
I take no plea­sure today, in see­ing those pre­dic­tions become man­i­fest on our women and girls.

Notwithstanding the fore­gone, the dis­ap­pear­ance of our women and girls, and in some cas­es lit­tle babies, is indeed a tragedy.
From the police report­ing, in many cas­es, before these young women are mer­ci­less­ly slaugh­tered, they are mer­ci­less­ly raped.
And so today I mere­ly want­ed to draw your atten­tion to [the fraud­u­lence of those who say they stand for Human Rights].
Day after day the news is the same, young girls dis­ap­pear, found dead.
Sometimes we learn that these girls are not real­ly killed but are report­ed miss­ing by moth­ers and fathers who send them away from the so-called [DONS] who would sex­u­al­ly abuse them. Even so, the very instances where the dis­ap­pear­ance is [con­coct­ed] for the pro­tec­tion of young ladies, it speaks to the very dan­ger in which they find them­selves, vic­tims of men who are sup­posed to pro­tect them.
Nevertheless, the inci­dents of sex­u­al abuse and mur­der of our women and girls are aston­ish­ing, to say the least.

The body of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers was dis­cov­ered in the Sterling Castle Heights area of Red Hills, St Andrew, yes­ter­day.
This pre­cious lit­tle girl was killed and dis­card­ed as if she was thrash, as if she was noth­ing.
This eight-year-old child is not by any stretch an iso­lat­ed case. If we wish to be hon­est we have an epi­dem­ic on our hands.
The killing of women and chil­dren is in no way any less egre­gious than the killing of men and boys, but we are con­di­tioned to believe that under no con­di­tions would women and chil­dren become vic­tims of war.
Yes, we are at war, if you believe we are not at war you are not pay­ing atten­tion.
The tragedy today is that women and chil­dren are no longer immune or pro­tect­ed from these maraud­ing ani­mals who take life. They care noth­ing about who they kill, life to them is dis­pos­able. Yet the Government and oppo­si­tion Party goes over­board to design laws which pro­tect, rather than pun­ish these mon­sters.
There is no hon­or among thieves.

And so, as the soci­ety con­tin­ues to degrade, the very same prin­ci­ples which set up that fraud­u­lent sys­tem, con­tin­ue on the path of those same prin­ci­ples.
Like a lone voice in the wilder­ness, I have tried to warn the nation that the most impor­tant right a per­son has is the right to life.
It fol­lows, there­fore, that if we present our­selves in defense of the rights of our fel­low man, yet remain silent on the instances of the most egre­gious assaults on the life of our most vul­ner­a­ble cit­i­zens, we are wolves in sheep cloth­ing, char­la­tans, liars and most of all frauds.

Where is Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)? Where is Jamaica Council for Human Rights (JCHR))? Where are Families Against State Terrorism(FAST)? Where is Horace Levy? Where is the litany of oth­er Parasitical Crustaceans which attach them­selves to the body politic, pre­tend­ing to be guardians of the peo­ple’s rights?
The sad real­i­ty is that they do not care about the death of our peo­ple.
They do not care about the killing of our chil­dren. What they care about is to carve out a place for them­selves, where they can con­tin­ue to build resent­ment against the rule of law for their own rel­e­vance, and for their for­eign han­dlers.
But the Jamaican peo­ple are too far into the decep­tion of idol­a­try, deca­dence, and deprav­i­ty to real­ize that the for­eign pow­ers which fund these groups are only con­cerned with their con­tin­ued men­tal and eco­nom­ic enslave­ment.