The Police Did What?

As news emerged that a bunch of police offi­cers may be arrest­ed soon for alleged breach­es of the law new infor­ma­tion sur­faced that police offi­cers from one of the branch­es of the force actu­al­ly accost­ed the men who assas­si­nat­ed busi­ness­man Richard Ramdial last Tuesday at around 4: 30 pm and released them.
According to Élan Powell Assistant Commissioner of Police with respon­si­bil­i­ty for crime “at the time, the cops were sat­is­fied that the men were clear, hav­ing searched them and checked their hands for gun pow­der residue”.
Shockingly, Powell says the vehi­cle was stopped after the police con­trol broad­cast a radio trans­mis­sion detail­ing the get­away car and its license plate num­ber.
If you are in shock at read­ing this so am I from hear­ing it.

Having policed the streets of Kingston and oth­er towns and vil­lages with some of the very best anti-crime offi­cers any­where in the world I have tried to give the offi­cers in the case the ben­e­fit of the doubt.
I have tried plac­ing myself in their shoes and mulled the sce­nario as it may have occurred over and over in my head and I can­not find a sin­gle rea­son or sit­u­a­tion in which this would have hap­pened on my watch.

Whether it’s Bigga Ford or Parra Campbell, Dadrick Henry or Mckinnis, Allan Campbell or Little Wicked I can­not imag­ine any of these anti-crime cops stop­ping a car in which the plates on the vehi­cle match­es one from police dis­patch and the occu­pants are released.
Jamaican cops are par­tic­u­lar­ly hes­i­tant about get­ting involved, par­tic­u­lar­ly as it relates to the deten­tion of sus­pects.
With the traps and snares the gov­ern­ment placed in their way, I total­ly under­stand their appre­hen­sion about putting them­selves in legal jeop­ardy.

Because of the INDECOM Act, police offi­cers have to be dou­bly sure that they are 100% inhu­man­ly per­fect and cor­rect before and dur­ing their inter­ac­tion with even the most vio­lent and dan­ger­ous crim­i­nals.
In this case, how­ev­er, offi­cers on the streets respond­ing to infor­ma­tion put out by dis­patch is pro­tect­ed from lia­bil­i­ty because they are act­ing on infor­ma­tion from the con­trol room.

Set aside those con­cerns. The most con­se­quen­tial state­ment Powell made is that the offi­cers took it upon them­selves to car­ry out an arcane field test for gun­pow­der residue on the hands of the sus­pects before releas­ing them.
Powell the man tasked with han­dling the nation’s crime was nev­er a crime fight­er him­self but I want to be fair to him in this even though the ridicu­lous nature of the police sto­ry begs deri­sion.

I was not aware that the police had the means to do field tests for gun­pow­der residue? I guess as far as the offi­cers are con­cerned the sus­pects passed the smell test[sic].
It is not every day that killers get appre­hend­ed min­utes after they kill. If the alle­ga­tions, in this case, are true, it makes it dou­bly dis­tress­ing that these men were released.

If the plates matched that giv­en by police dis­patch under no cir­cum­stances could the police ratio­nal­ly release the occu­pants of the car regard­less of who they are, what they had or did not have.
The most fun­da­men­tal piece of infor­ma­tion giv­en to the police was the plate num­ber. As a for­mer Investigator, I can tell you there are far too many changes which could have occurred between the time mis­ter Ramdial was gunned down and the car was stopped.
Regardless of weapons, gun­pow­der, or any oth­er excul­pa­to­ry fac­tor with the occu­pants of that par­tic­u­lar car they were not going any­where were I in the shoes of these offi­cers.

So we are left with a sit­u­a­tion in which a few things comes to mind. In the first instance.
(1) Corruption in the mind of the anti-police trolls.
Hard to make that case as time and the sever­i­ty of the crime mil­i­tate against this. Possible yes prob­a­ble no.
(2)Incompetence. Possibly yes.
(3) Too col­le­giate? Possibly.
(4) Too timid and afraid? Highly Possibly.

No mat­ter how you slice this, if the infor­ma­tion pre­sent­ed is true this is sim­ply one of the most bone­head­ed occur­rences to ever hap­pen in the JCF. This is only one more log on the fire of dis­con­tent and dis­il­lu­sion­ment with the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
These are unforced errors which the JCF sim­ply can­not con­tin­ue to use to beat itself.
For years the JCF has done a shit­ty job of recruit­ment, back­ground checks, spot­ting and root­ing out bad appli­cants to the agency.
Yes, the Jamaican soci­ety is as cor­rupt as most oth­er coun­tries, offi­cers have to come from that dirty pool. It can­not be ignored how­ev­er that the awe­some pow­er giv­en to the poor­est peo­ple would gar­ner immense scruti­ny.

The incred­i­ble incom­pe­tence and cor­rup­tion dis­played by far too many in the JCF have caused even some who served to become crit­ics at large.
The truth is they knew they were no good yet they were able to get in.
Now they are the most vocal crit­ics of the force. Such is it when the agency allows itself time and again to be the Barney Fyffe of law enforce­ment.
The worse of the worse have much to say.

I’ll await the out­come of Élan Powell’s inves­ti­ga­tions.

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  1. Dumb.…..dumber.….… Dumbest offi­cers on record.…
    It’s not real.… Script from a com­e­dy.…. At the worst pos­si­ble time.

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