The Two Americas Made Possible By Your US Supreme Court…

Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dis­sent­ing opin­ions on the US Supreme Court’s deci­sions on the police and the broad­er prob­lems of qual­i­fied immu­ni­ty, is prob­a­bly the best place to look for what America is doing at the high­est lev­els, to ensure the present sys­tem of white suprema­cy.
Justice Sotomayor has elo­quent­ly argued that the court by its rul­ings, has act­ed as a lit­er­al bar­ri­er against police account­abil­i­ty.
Make no mis­take about it, fish rots from the head, the US Supreme Court in 1967 cre­at­ed the doc­trine known as (qual­i­fied immu­ni­ty). That deci­sion result­ed in the rise of the war­rior cop, it effec­tive­ly ensured that the Government could stand up a dif­fer­ent army than the one pro­hib­it­ed by the con­sti­tu­tion from turn­ing their guns on the peo­ple.
That army is the com­bined new police depart­ment, replete with full mil­i­tary hard­ware.

Apart from pro­vid­ing a rock-sol­id ceil­ing which ensures that police and oth­er gov­ern­ment work­ers are insu­lat­ed from accountability(except in pret­ty extreme cir­cum­stances), it gave low­er courts cov­er to pro­tect police and by exten­sion allows police the lat­i­tude to act with absolute impuni­ty.
This is a deep­er, dark­er more sys­temic prob­lem than the black com­mu­ni­ty is under­stand­ing.
It was designed to ush­er in anoth­er era of white suprema­cy after the civ­il rights accom­plish­ments of the ear­ly 1960s.
The sell­ing of this doc­trine was that it is intend­ed to stop cit­i­zens from suing gov­ern­ment work­ers, of course, the courts have always been able to sort through friv­o­lous law­suits with­out a prob­lem and still are today.
This peri­od is ush­er­ing in anoth­er dark peri­od of white suprema­cy as whites in America become increas­ing­ly threat­ened as their num­bers begin to dwin­dle and the pop­u­la­tions begin to reflect a more racial­ly diverse soci­ety.….….……


So these mer­ce­nar­ies are heav­i­ly armed , they are wear­ing no masks, and they are defy­ing every order the Michigan Governor has issued.
In fact , they entered the capi­tol build­ing and cre­at­ed ter­ror in the Democratic law­mak­ers delib­er­at­ing there.
Do you see any police with tanks and guns? Do you see any police kneel­ing on any­one’s neck?
Of course not?

Armed pro­test­ers pro­vide secu­ri­ty as demon­stra­tors take part in an “American Patriot Rally,” orga­nized on April 30, 2020, by Michigan United for Liberty on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, demand­ing the reopen­ing of busi­ness­es.
Protestors try to enter the Michigan House of Representative cham­ber and are being kept out by the Michigan State Police after the American Patriot Rally orga­nized by Michigan United for Liberty protest for the reopen­ing of busi­ness­es on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on April 30, 2020. — 
I won­der what would hap­pen to these young men if they were black?
No image has been more telling than this one, in the fore­ground are armed mili­ti­a­men and in the back­ground loung­ing as if with no care in the world is a cop.
This is the essence of Apartheid rule world, this is America.


AUGUST 24, 2014-FERGUSON, MO-USA: Police arrest­ed a small num­ber of peo­ple as demon­stra­tors and police clashed along West Florissant Avenue Saturday night into ear­ly Sunday morn­ing as protest con­tin­ue after the soot­ing death of an unarmed teen by police on August 9, 2014..(Robert Stolarik for The New York Times)

You get the pic­ture! A pic­ture speaks a thou­sand words of the two Americas.

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