There Must Be Greater Accountability By The Police To Victims Of Crime

Yesterday there was cred­i­ble report­ing in Jamaican media that attor­ney at law Patrick Bailey had turned him­self in to the police for a sec­ond round of ques­tion­ing. The case involved the 2016 killing of 51-year-old Germaine Junior at a home sup­pos­ed­ly owned by Bailey.
At the time of the mur­der of mis­ter Junior Élan Powell Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime told the media that Bailey was not a sus­pect!
Powell went on to insist that the police were hid­ing noth­ing and the inves­ti­ga­tions would be done and the chips would fall where they may.
In February of 2016, Assistant com­mis­sion­er Powell told a Gleaner Editor’s forum that the police did not wish to name the sus­pects in the case (an indi­ca­tion that he had a sus­pect in mind) but sought to assure that the police were active­ly pur­su­ing the case.

This writer and for­mer detec­tive, found this case odd on sev­er­al fronts. (1) How could the Police deci­sive­ly rule out Mr Bailey as a sus­pect with such con­vic­tion, yet two years lat­er are unable to dis­close to the fam­i­ly of mis­ter Junior on what grounds they arrived at their con­clu­sions.

Given the police own account­ing of the events sur­round­ing mis­ter Juniors death, I wrote the arti­cle below, ques­tion­ing the verac­i­ty of the police sto­ry and their lack of action on what is not a dif­fi­cult case..
The case was con­fined to a premis­es owned by a cer­tain indi­vid­ual, who just hap­pened to be at the premis­es at the time of the demise of mis­ter Junior.
There was no evi­dence that the deceased was killed and brought to the premis­es so there was no rea­son to look any­where else on the plan­et , the house was the mur­der scene.

The police report­ed that there was no forced entry and that Mister Bailey was on premis­es when mis­ter Junior was stabbed mul­ti­ple times and shot.
Mister Bailey alleged­ly told police at the time that he was walk­ing around his house when he stum­bled upon the body about 4:30 am.

I decid­ed to ask some ques­tions in September of last year in light of the curi­ous inac­tion by the police on a case which I thought only required some deduc­tive rea­son­ing to solve​.So we asked some ques­tions and demand­ed action for the fam­i­ly of mis­ter Junior despite not know­ing them.
The police some­times do not have the resources to get the job done but when they have a case in which it appears that all of the facts line up, it is uncon­scionable that the police would not do due dili­gence on behalf of the peo­ple who pay their salaries.

What Are The Police Afraid Of Why They Haven’t Arrested The Murderer/​s Of Germaine Junior


♦ Patrick Bailey is a promi­nent attor­ney who eas­i­ly fits into the cat­e­go­ry of the prover­bial big man accord­ing to Jamaican cul­ture.
♦ Was mis­ter Junior there as his guest, if not his, then whose?
♦ Who else lives in the home of attor­ney Patrick Bailey if any­one?
♦ Police report­ed that Bailey stum­bled upon the body about 4:30 am in his own house as he was asleep despite the fact that mis­ter Junior was alleged­ly shot.
♦ If the homi­cide hap­pened in a sec­tion of the res­i­dence out­side mis­ter Bailey’s earshot, (assum­ing the res­i­dence is large enough that Bailey would not have heard a gun­shot), nev­er­the­less who gets up and walk around the house at 4:30 am?

♦ How could Bailey sleep through what must have been a strug­gle much less the sound of a gun­shot in his house?
♦ The state­ment that he stum­bled upon the body at 4:30 am could only have come from Bailey him­self which gives it lit­tle cred­i­bil­i­ty under the cir­cum­stances.
♦ A prop­er coroner’s inquest should nail down approx­i­mate­ly what time was mis­ter Junior killed as against Patrick Bailey’s asser­tions.
♦ The Police report­ed that there was no forced entry to Bailey’s house.This is absolute­ly crit­i­cal evi­dence as it demon­strates that who­ev­er killed mis­ter Junior had access to the res­i­dence.
♦ A knife believed to be the one used to stab mis­ter Junior was alleged­ly found beside his body, was it checked for fin­ger­prints.

♦ If Mister Junior was liv­ing abroad at the time and was only vis­it­ing the Island why would the police and oth­ers allege that he was a care­tak­er of the res­i­dence?
♦ The fact that mis­ter Junior’s body was found with mul­ti­ple stab wounds sug­gest a crime of pas­sion cou­pled with the fact that he was also shot.
♦ Was Patrick Bailey’s per­son checked for marks which would indi­cate whether he was involved in a strug­gle, or did the police sim­ply take his word that he slept through a stab­bing and a shoot­ing? If not why was it not done?
♦ Why was Patrick Bailey ruled med­ical­ly unfit to give state­ments to police at the time by Doctor Jeptah Ford?
♦ According to the Jamaica Observer report­ing Following the inci­dent, attor­ney Patrick Bailey’s doc­tor and client Jephthah Ford instruct­ed that he be con­fined to bed after he report­ed­ly exhib­it­ed signs of being unwell. Ford also said he was not fit to give a state­ment at the time.

♦ Why was Bailey giv­en spe­cial priv­i­leges when even police offi­cers trau­ma­tized by instances of fatal encoun­ters are forced to give a quick account­ing as to what occurred?
♦ Who else had access to the res­i­dence if any­one and what was their rela­tion­ship to mis­ter Junior?
♦ Did the police check Patrick Bailey’s house for bloody clothes or clothes recent­ly washed?
♦ Did the Police check out­hous­es (if applic­a­ble) and garbage recep­ta­cles for poten­tial bloody clothes?
♦ If the police deter­mined there was no forced entry to Bailey’s house how could they sum­mar­i­ly rule him out as a sus­pect?

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