These military style attacks are precursors to the real event/ ignore the signs at your peril


I totally understand how the sheer number of unsolved murders and militaristic assaults occurring in the country can cause apathy and a sense of numbness. After all what exactly can the average law abiding citizen do if there is no meaningful attempt to end the reign of terror which has engulfed the country?

The sheer volume of the killings has now become almost benign, people talk about seven killed in one assault as they would about a single case. Simply put there is a new normal, a sense that the numbers really do not matter, they have accepted that Jamaica is now at war with itself and there is nothing they can do about it.

Generally, the raw organic sounds from the streets around these killings do not get seen or heard by the Government or others in the country except for those who are lucky enough to survive the militaristic assaults on their communities.
Furthermore,  the macabre gruesome images from the scenes of those massacres almost never get seen by those outside law enforcement circles or those who manage to film these scenes after the massacres occur.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at critical mass, you may not know it but we have long passed the stage where it is just a high crime rate. It is not a high crime rate there have long been bands of 20 and 30 or more heavily armed men attacking whole communities and laying siege to those communities, killing whom they wish.

These militaristic assaults from time to time pit them against the lesser armed police who do not have the resources to engage them at the appropriate levels.
As a consequence, of the weaponry in the hands of the gangs, the endless supply of ammunition they possess and the uniqueness of the terrain, the outmatched, unsupported police are generally at a disadvantage resulting in gunbattles lasting for hours.
Those shootouts tend to end at the discretion of the gangs rather than anything the security forces are able to counter with.

The country is in crisis. It is so because for the past several decades the emphasis has been decidedly placed on the protection and preservation of the rights of criminals rather than an unvarnished approach toward enforcing the laws.
That has been the strategy of both political parties to some extent as a result of the culture they created in our country from as far back as the 1960’s. As a means to attaining and holding state power, the garrison culture was born, the delivery of huge blocks of votes was more important than the overall preservation of the country. The chickens have simply come home to roost.

It is absolutely stupid, yes stupid, to be worrying about how law enforcement treats and respond to violent mass murderers rather than ensuring that we give them the tools and supplies to uproot and eridicate them.
These killers have guns, many guns, they have money, lots of it, they can amass huge amounts of mercenaries to their causes at any given time. In fact, word on the streets is that that very scenario is playing out in Westmoreland as we speak.
These Gangsters are able to amass the muscle they need to lock down entire communities and kill whomever they wish without any worry or fear of the nation’s security forces.

This is happening today as we speak, it happened years ago with Zekes, it happened with Christopher Dudus Coke and there have been no lessons learned from it.
We are losing Jamaica and no one is giving a shit about this dangerous state of affairs. Are the people too dumb to realize that they are been and have been fed total baloney on crime?
Or are they more preoccupied with their fake uptown accents hiding behind the grill fortifications and pretending they are something they are not?
What we damn sure aren’t is a developed country, so the shit for brains powerbrokers who decide public policy ought to understand that first world solutions are totally unworkable for our raw, third world situation. Yet they continue with their pretentious attitudes and it’s only the little people who are dying.

The tragedy in all of this is that speaking out about it elicits crickets from Jamaica house regardless fo which of the two lame political gangs occupies it.
They don’t care, they have set a course which is persecution of the police, despite the 8 or so oversight agencies which have police oversight responsibility and the plethora of self-serving special interest lobbies which militate against the police department.

For years I have warned that this is not just crime as we once thought about it. It is a form of insurgency which requires a strategic yet militaristic response which will send a clear message that the state will not tolerate any such behavior.
States of emergencies and Zones of special operations cannot and will not solve this, this is no game.
Instead of using the army to go after these murderous gangs the idiotic desk bangers in the stupid parliament sit and pontificate about who will oppose what emergency declaration and who won’t.

While they are worrying about the watchmen the burglars have taken over the building. Sooner or later all of this will come to a catastrophic end and out of it will emerge a new beginning.
Like a Phoenix rising, life will emerge out of whatever remains, like the green foliage which emerges from volcanic ash hopefully, those who had the power to effect change but have not will be consumed in the inferno and the innocent will be spared the wrath so that life can continue better and smarter.