This Publication Endorses, And Challenges The Govt To Appoint Trinity ) Next Commissioner Of Police…

As we cred­i­bly report­ed two weeks ago, Commissioner of Police George Quallo will, in fact, be step­ping aside in a mat­ter of days.
At the time of our report­ing that was indeed what we report­ed, that he would not be clean­ing out his desk the very day he met with National Security Minister Robert Montague, but his future was already decid­ed for him.

Commissioner Quallo could have added some degree of cred­i­bil­i­ty to his name and show just a wee bit of balls as he was head­ing out the door by telling the nation that he was indeed asked to look at his options, which real­ly meant you are fired.
Of course, the Minister does not have the Constitutional author­i­ty to fire the Police Commissioner but he cer­tain­ly has the pow­er to con­vey to the Police Services Commission that the Government has lost con­fi­dence in Mister Quallo’s lead­er­ship.
So there’s that.

The nation’s mur­der rate is gal­lop­ing away and the Administration is pan­ick­ing.
I say that with a heavy heart because I was real­ly bank­ing on the long­shot pos­si­bil­i­ty that Andrew Holness would be a trans­for­ma­tion­al Prime Minister who under­stood what is need­ed to set our coun­try on the right path.

Commissioner George Quallo

Yet I heard the Prime Minister tell cit­i­zens in Montego Bay dur­ing the flood of police offi­cers and Soldiers into their com­mu­ni­ties that he had promised them that they would sleep with their win­dows and doors open and now they can. Of course, it was only so because the entire com­mu­ni­ty was flood­ed with mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty forces.
The fact that the Prime Minister would be so trans­par­ent­ly cyn­i­cal on such a seri­ous issue dis­qual­i­fies him sub­stan­tive­ly as part of the solu­tion.
It makes a mock­ery of his Administration’s asser­tions that it ful­ly under­stands what needs to be done about crime in our coun­try.

What is obvi­ous is that the Administration has made the deci­sion to make the police force the scape­goat as oth­ers had done before him.
I don’t think there are many peo­ple who har­bor any pre­con­ceived notions that Holness has any love for, or loy­al­ty to, the Police offi­cers who risk their lives to secure the nation as well as to pro­tect him and his fam­i­ly.

So it’s real­ly not out­side the realm of any­one’s imag­i­na­tion that he would throw Commissioner Quallo to the Wolves and have a lack­ey like Clifford Blake or any oth­er lap dog which will give the Administration cov­er on crime.
The fact of the mat­ter is that the Administration talks a good game about crime but its poli­cies are anti­thet­i­cal to solv­ing the nations seri­ous and dete­ri­o­rat­ing mur­der sit­u­a­tion.

The exit of Commissioner Quallo is a dis­trac­tion designed to focus the nation on the police and who­ev­er emerges next. Naturally, the next per­son to take the job will require a bit of time to demon­strate what he/​she can do, that’s time for the Administration.
I want to make it clear that my crit­i­cism of the Administration should nev­er be con­strued to be sup­port for the Opposition par­ty, which I believe should be banned from rep­re­sen­ta­tion­al pol­i­tics on the Island. I hope that — that clar­i­fies my dis­dain for that polit­i­cal par­ty as a legit­i­mate enti­ty in this debate in which we are engaged.

The prob­lem affect­ing our coun­try as it relates to crime is not a Police Problem, it is a pol­i­cy prob­lem.
The Government and the Despicable crim­i­nal sup­port­ing Political Opposition have essen­tial­ly pros­ti­tut­ed them­selves to out­side Criminal Rights lob­by so much so that before they address the mas­sive blood­shed in the coun­try they have to pay homage and recite their def­er­ence to human rights.
I chal­lenge the Administration to buck the pup­peteers abroad and sub­mit the name of for­mer Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Trinity Gardiner to the PSC to be the next Commissioner of police.
I ful­ly under­stand that his appoint­ment will not stop the blood­shed but it will at least guar­an­tee that at the very least there is an actu­al crime fight­er at the helm who under­stands what to do.

Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Trinity Gardner

Developed Nations do not cater to, nei­ther do the allow human rights lob­by to influ­ence, much less dic­tate crime-fight­ing strate­gies.
Developing Nations wish­ing to extri­cate them­selves from the crip­pling ten­ta­cles of crime and ter­ror­ism do not allow human rights lob­by to dic­tate to them on the ways to deal with their ter­ror­ists, a‑la Colombia, Mexico, The Philippines, Cuba, et al.

Pretentious coun­tries like Jamaica will always be mired in the quick­sand of failed state sta­tus, while it con­vinces itself it is emerg­ing toward first world sta­tus.
The best and the bright­est, are run­ning away. Those who lack the means to do so along with the most enter­pris­ing and inno­v­a­tive are being killed in alarm­ing num­bers.
In the mean­time, the Administration con­tin­ues to arrange the deck chairs on the sink­ing Titanic. While the despi­ca­ble polit­i­cal Opposition sits there sali­vat­ing, await­ing the total sub­mer­gence of the gov­ern­ment so it can present its own leaky old buck­et as a solu­tion.
And on and on we go like a dog chas­ing its tail.

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  1. We have to fight fire with fire and we need a cop who knows what street life is like : Good choice if Trinity or Reneto Adams take over this sink­ing titan­ic which is going down faster and faster.

  2. With the IMF telling us we have to get rid of crime why dont they equip our police with prop­er fight­ing tools, com­put­erise our force and prop­er equip them not with guns but with cars and prop­er pay. We build­ing bil­lion dol­lar high­ways and our offi­cers dont even have a compter to log a case, its 2018 and we are still in the dark.
    Our tax rate is maybe the high­est in the world, why cant we take 3 months of tax­es col­lect­ed and secure our coun­try?

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