Those Who Never Served Anything Bigger Than Themselves The Most Caustic And Disrespectful…

So low is our police force in the eyes of our opin­ion mak­ers that until Wednesday, not one offi­cial stepped up and asked for an imme­di­ate apol­o­gy to the police from Harriott, as well as his res­ig­na­tion as head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority. Not the prime min­is­ter, not the leader of the Opposition, not any church offi­cial, no uni­ver­si­ty pres­i­dent, no pri­vate-sec­tor leader.( Mark Ricketts is an econ­o­mist, author, and lec­tur­er liv­ing in California) http://​jamaica​-glean​er​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​f​o​c​u​s​/​2​0​1​8​0​2​0​4​/​m​a​r​k​-​r​i​c​k​e​t​t​s​-​p​r​o​f​e​s​s​o​r​-​s​h​o​u​l​d​-​a​p​o​l​o​g​i​s​e​-​p​o​l​ice

For years I have been writ­ing about these opin­ion mak­ers in our coun­try. I refer to them as the immoral elit­ists from above Cross Roads. For those famil­iar with Jamaica’s geog­ra­phy the term con­jure up a group with dif­fer­ent accents than the rest of us, the most pre­ten­tious fecal mat­ter laden par­a­sites imag­in­able.
For the most part, there is a com­mon thread which ties most if not near­ly all of them togeth­er, that thread is the University Of the West Indies.

The trans­par­ent duplic­i­ty is inher­ent in politi­cians from both sides of the polit­i­cal divide as well as the com­plic­it cheer­lead­ing by those in civ­il soci­ety includ­ing the media and what pass­es for the church (when they are not busy molest­ing lit­tle boys and girls) in tear­ing down the police depart­ment and the rule of law.

But then, bash­ing the police has become Jamaica’s biggest growth indus­try, for which there is a ready-made audi­ence”.(Said @Mark Ricketts)
Haha, there you go, just ask Ronald Thwaites, Barbara Gloudon, Moutabaruka, Cliff Hughes, Garnett Roper and a long line of imbe­ciles who have made a name for them­selves on the blood of dead cops.
The harm Carolyn Gomes did will take gen­er­a­tions to reverse yet the groups named by Mark Ricketts were active cheer­lead­ers and enhancers of her wave of destruc­tion.

I was most proud of that uni­form and the hon­or to serve in that noble capac­i­ty.
How many of the crit­ics have served any­thing but them­selves?

My friend Coop exclaimed to me that two of the most pop­u­lar men in the coun­try are for­mer Commissioner of Police Trevor McMillian and Terrence Williams of INDECOM.
A sear­ing indict­ment of the groups Mark Ricketts exco­ri­at­ed and to the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion at large, the tox­ic bile hav­ing now bled out across the coun­try in every nook and crevasse.
DPP Paula Llewelyn spoke out against Harriot’s inflam­ma­to­ry rhetoric and we thank her for it. She of all per­sons knows and under­stands the work the police actu­al­ly put into bring­ing cas­es to her office and she under­stands what those offi­cers face.

The thing is, police offi­cers past and present know shit when they see it. and we do not always both­er to use fan­cy ter­mi­nol­o­gy to call shit ‑shit.
I saw the shit the very day it was report­ed and I respond­ed in kind, good to see oth­ers now rec­og­niz­ing the gross dis­re­spect this hack per­pet­u­at­ed on our police offi­cers.
Out of the mouth of Harriot came tox­ic shit and there is no pret­ty way to char­ac­ter­ize that, at least not for me, I’ll leave that to the more cul­tured amongst the local bour­geoisie‘.
At first, when I saw Harriot’s com­ments I thought, not only is the lan­guage com­ing from his pie-hole the only thing tox­ic, but that kind of shit could only come from a tox­ic shit­house.

Anthony Harriot

See, I was nev­er one to care for these ass­holes. I have seen them up close. As a young offi­cer I inter­act­ed with these frauds, “oh so where were you trained”?
Because as you know Jamaican police offi­cers were total­ly inca­pable of speak­ing prop­er english[sic].
Where the fuck you think I was trained, at some fake loca­tion like your fake accent? No, I was trained right her m****r f****r!
My dis­dain was pal­pa­ble, my anger dan­ger­ous and so I thought I can no longer serve these infi­dels in this capac­i­ty or any oth­er.

Mark Ricketts lives in the United States as do I.
For the most part, Jamaicans liv­ing in the dias­po­ra have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the impor­tance of law enforce­ment sac­ri­fice to the sta­bil­i­ty of our soci­eties. No, it’s not just a job for which we pay men and women, (imper­fect though some of them are), it is a call­ing which pro­pels those of us who took the plunge to risk it all for oth­ers we have nev­er met.

It is not some­thing which Andrew Holness, Peter Phillips, the imbe­ciles Anthony Harriot and Terrence Williams would ever under­stand. It is not some­thing the aver­age Jamaican would either because they have nev­er been taught respect for this indis­pens­able insti­tu­tion.
The cries com­ing from them now in rela­tion to the gath­er­ing whirl­wind is fear. Fear born out of the winds of divi­sive­ness, dis­re­spect, and dis­hon­or they sowed.

So it’s not shock­ing that none of the indi­vid­u­als or groups named by Mark Ricketts found Harriot’s state­ments objec­tion­able, demean­ing or down­right offen­sive.
They don’t know any bet­ter, they were raised in a coun­try which has since its infan­cy cut its teeth on an igno­rant embrace of dis­re­spect for the rule of law and law enforce­ment offi­cers.(See Babylon)

A shit hole coun­try?
A shit­hole peo­ple?
Yes, though not all, a whole slew of shit­holes!