To resolve the critical issues we must at least agree on truths…



“A transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality”(Merriam -Webster)

It’s has become increasingly difficult to have a conversation on how to solve some of our nation’s problems these days.
Many people much smarter than I argue we are living in a post-factual world. I am no intellectual so I don’t know whether we are or not, I still believe in the good in each person to see reason.
Whether true or not it is becoming clearer, at least to me, that conversations and debates get bogged down in the mundane.
In addition to the ad hominem attacks that are commonplace when we disagree, it appears we can’t even agree on truths.

We are not going to solve the issues facing us a race of people or even in smaller quantities as Jamaicans if the basic requirement of acknowledging the truth is outside our grasp.
As an opinion writer, I am thrilled to dive into the debate and defend my point of view. I believe that when we are able to hash out opinions and agree on truths we are that much closer to resolving our problems.
We can always disagree on opinions but it becomes a waste of time talking when we cannot accept facts such as credible irrefutable data.
Of course, we can disagree about how the data was collected, we can disagree on how it is interpreted, we may even argue on its relativity to the topic being discussed but it does no one any good to argue when the data is unindictable.

A friend recently told me that she disagrees with my writing style, she tells me it’s too jarring, “I get a headache every time I try to read your work.”
I Love my friend but the truths that I try to communicate, are not exactly palatable to the potential target groups of which she is a part.
My friend, a real down to earth educated woman may find it difficult to agree that the educated elitist class has no use for certain truths which disrupts their decade’s long comfort zones.

As much as I relish the thought of appealing to my friend’s grouping I am more interested in appealing to the wider masses who must begin to take their own lives into their hands through the appropriate assimilation of useful truthful information.
In order to make the best use of truthful information, we must first identify truth and use that as a starting point. Essentially at some point in time, we have to accept that black is black and white is white instead of wasting time bickering over shades.
Or even more banal spend time tearing down the messenger when the truth does not line up with the safe place you developed on the issue.

It’s ridiculous to accuse your contemporary of being a Democrat because his views do not line up with your Republican world-view.
It’s equally unproductive to spend time accusing your contemporary of being PNP because your Government is in power and I just happen to challenge them with facts.
How dumb are we really when we believe the party we support can do no wrong and the one we despise can do no right?
I’ll tell you what that is, it is the personification of small-mindedness and ignorance.

So what if the person is a Democrat, so what if I just happened to be a member of the PNP, does that then transform truth to fiction?
Does it change the fundamental fact that we must come together to solve the issues which affect us?
I voted once in Jamaica and it was for Edward Seaga It was my very first opportunity to vote.
Not only did I vote but at the tender age of 18 I signed up to be a returning officer at the polling station because I believed in the democratic process.


It is that fervent belief in the democratic process which makes it impossible to sit idly by and watch as our country embarks on processes which I know are absolutely the wrong path, regardless of who sits in Jamaica house.
The only time I ever voted was for the Seaga Government yet I was one of his harshest critics and continue to criticize Seaga today and give him credit where he deserves that credit.
The PNP has been demonstrably destructive for our country, subsequently, I never consider that party worthy of much discussion or debate.
I was always quite comfortable to see the PNP on the sidelines looking in, just not comfortable enough to allow the arrogance of some within the labor party to go unchecked.

I am Jamaican, not JLP and damn sure not PNP.
I will continue to lobby and speak truth to power, not just in Jamaica but in my adopted home, the truth is liberating it is refreshing we should all welcome truth, regardless how unpalatable it is.