US Chides Jamaica Over Human Trafficking/​Jamaica Should Chide Back About America’s Guns Flooding Our Country…

The American Government con­tin­ue to talk down to small­er less pow­er­ful nations, through its var­i­ous arms of gov­ern­ment as well as direct­ly from the horse’s mouth at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
At the same time coun­tries like Iran, North Korea, and oth­ers insist that respect is a two-way street.
That is essen­tial­ly true, respect is earned, it has noth­ing to do with one’s size, pow­er, or wealth, and it cer­tain­ly is not giv­en because a pow­er­ful coun­try engages in threats, brava­do, intim­i­da­tion or bel­li­cos­i­ty.

In the process of speak­ing down and act­ing as a strict par­ent to way­ward kids, the US has devel­oped its own grad­ing and rat­ing sys­tem through which it chas­tis­es admon­ish­es and pun­ish­es less pow­er­ful nations for what it deems to be a lack of adher­ence to the ortho­doxy of the rules it cre­at­ed.
Usually, those infrac­tions are inju­ri­ous to no oth­er coun­try except the United States. In many cas­es, the injury is mere­ly a mat­ter of per­cep­tion.
I find this lord­ing over oth­er nations curi­ous, as the US allows no one to tell it what to do. Which brings us to the ques­tion of human traf­fick­ing and more sub­stan­tial­ly the ques­tion of human rights.
In a recent arti­cle pub­lished in the Jamaica Gleaner, the US Government chid­ed Jamaica for not being aggres­sive enough in pros­e­cut­ing offend­ers and pro­tect­ing vic­tims.
Read arti­cle here; http://​jamaica​-glean​er​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​l​e​a​d​-​s​t​o​r​i​e​s​/​2​0​1​9​0​6​2​5​/​n​o​t​-​t​o​u​g​h​-​e​n​o​u​g​h​-​u​s​-​r​a​p​s​-​j​a​m​a​i​c​a​-​l​i​m​p​-​a​c​t​i​o​n​-​h​u​m​a​n​-​t​r​a​f​f​i​c​k​ing .
My ques­tion for Jamaica is this, why not cre­ate and main­tain a grad­ing and rat­ing sys­tem which grades America’s efforts in stop­ping the flow of guns into Jamaica?
Since as far back as the ear­ly ’80s, Jamaica has gone over and beyond to erad­i­cate mar­i­jua­na and pre­vent it from get­ting into the United States.
As a young police offi­cer, this writer has done more than most cops to wage war on a weed that I nev­er smoked or had any­thing to do with, all because the Americans want­ed us to do so.
While we were active­ly erad­i­cat­ing mar­i­jua­na our poor coun­try was pay­ing exor­bi­tant (fines/​extortionist fees to the Americans) when Ganga was found on the nation­al air­line, the then [Air Jamaica].
In the same vein, thou­sands of Jamaicans have been incar­cer­at­ed and deport­ed, some inno­cent­ly, because of America’s hatred for mar­i­jua­na. America’s police depart­ments did not care who they hauled into their mar­i­jua­na drag­nets, inno­cent or guilty. If one was/​is black or brown it did/​does not mat­ter.
All this was going on while American states were active­ly engaged in the growth and sale of far more mar­i­jua­na than tiny Jamaica could ever hope to pro­duce.
Tens of thou­sands of Jamaican lives have been ruined while mar­i­jua­na is now being decrim­i­nal­ized across America.

America’s ten­den­cy to dic­tate to oth­ers on what they ought to do is cer­tain­ly not lost on this writer. Despite this ten­den­cy, America’s police depart­ments com­bined, kills thou­sands of peo­ple each year. Not just armed sus­pects, but unarmed peo­ple with whom they come in con­tact, who have com­mit­ted no crimes but who may have ques­tioned their assault on their per­sons.
These inno­cent vic­tims are gen­er­al­ly African-American and oth­er peo­ple of col­or.
Police body and dash­cam videos are always avail­able to slime poten­tial accused sus­pects but are with­held (“pend­ing the com­ple­tion of the inves­ti­ga­tions”), when racist and cor­rupt cops are accused of crimes against inno­cent cit­i­zens.
And so while we are on the ques­tion of peo­ple’s rights I will take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to reit­er­ate some­thing I stat­ed to a friend just today.
We are expe­ri­enc­ing a stub­born rise in the Islands vio­lent crime rate. I believe the lead­ers of our coun­try have squan­dered oppor­tu­ni­ty after oppor­tu­ni­ty to right the ship.
Nevertheless, because of their own crim­i­nal expo­sure, they have used smoke and mir­rors to cre­ate the impres­sion that mean­ing­ful work is being done to reme­di­ate the exis­ten­tial issue of vio­lent crime on the Island.
However, in real­i­ty, police and oth­er sta­tis­ti­cal data shows that the tra­jec­to­ry of vio­lent crimes and the bru­tal­i­ty and brazen­ness with which they are being car­ried out has been on a steady north­ward tra­jec­to­ry.

(1) I am opposed to (INDECOM), Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell’s ZEALOTRY, PERSONAL AGENDAS AND EGOS. I am not opposed to police over­sight. Police can­not be left to police them­selves.
The JCF has the most over­sight of any police agency any­where, yet police cor­rup­tion is on the rise. It fol­lows, there­fore, that over­sight is not the issue, the approach is wrong. Just as the wrong-head­ed ZOSO’s and States of Emergencies can­not stop mur­ders, nei­ther can the pro­lif­er­a­tion of pres­sure groups on the JCF work to low­er crime.
I am opposed to INDECOM because it was born out of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), an anti-police agi­ta­tor, and crim­i­nal enhance­ment group.
(2) If the Government had fol­lowed our sug­ges­tion in 2010 when they cre­at­ed INDECOM. If they had put the M$355 per year it throws down the dark hole known as INDECOM, into the JCF, that B$3.2 Billion dol­lars would have brought the JCF to first world stan­dard.
It would have root­ed out cor­rup­tion, drove down crime through more effec­tive inves­ti­ga­tions and appre­hen­sion of crim­i­nal sus­pects.
(3) Additionally, had the Government decid­ed­ly shown the crim­i­nal rights fra­ter­ni­ty the door and backed the JCF leg­isla­tive­ly and through com­pen­sato­ry means, I would be writ­ing from Jamaica about the mas­sive infu­sion of real invest­ments which have flood­ed into our coun­try.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer Jamaican police Detective cor­po­ral, a busi­ness own­er, avid researcher, and blog­ger.
He is a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog chatt​-​a​-box​.com. You may sub­scribe to his blogs free of charge, or sub­scribe to his Youtube chan­nel for the lat­est pod­cast all free to you of course.