We Launched Our First Podcast, Guess What We Are Talking About?

We are excit­ed that we will now be doing Podcasts along with our reg­u­lar blogs as we con­tin­ue to com­mu­ni­cate with you, even as we are remind­ed that we must acqui­esce to the times and the vary­ing ways in which you want to con­sume infor­ma­tion.
We hope that you will give us feed­back so that we may be able to work to make this ven­ture bet­ter and more pleas­ant for you our sub­scribers.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer Jamaican police cor­po­ral, busi­ness own­er, avid researcher, and blog­ger. He is also a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog chatt​-​a​-box​.com. You may sub­scribe to his blogs free of charge.