We Must Reconcile That This Is A Criminal Nation

The shop­keep­er who slapped a school­girl was report­ed­ly charged by the Police. Social Media has been ablaze with pret­ty much all the com­ments laced with vit­ri­ol against the woman.
The poor school­girl was ter­ri­fied and was par­tic­u­lar­ly respect­ful to the woman. I am glad that action is being tak­en when these images are record­ed and a report made to police.

What I found appalling how­ev­er is the anger direct­ed at the woman in the video. Granted that the woman was way out of line in slap­ping some­one’s child, the take­away from the respons­es seemed to be fueled sole­ly because of who she isn’t, or more to the point who she is.
At a time when there are much angst and dis­may about Donald Trump’s shit­hole com­ments about Haitians and Africans, many are zeroed in on the Racism inher­ent in the state­ment attrib­uted to Trump.
It bears ask­ing, how­ev­er, whether the anger direct­ed at the woman may be about her race? Would there be such an out­pour­ing of anger at her if she was black?
Isn’t there some log­ic to the idea that the anger may be because of the fact that she is in fact Chinese?
It seems to me that she is as Jamaican as any­one call­ing for her head, yet the ani­mus seems to be cen­tered on her Chinese ances­try.

Welcome to the law­less Serengeti knows as Jamaica where law­less­ness rule as the police are forced by politi­cians to stand and watch.

People look at the way we con­duct our­selves, they make deci­sions how to inter­act with us based on how we treat our own kind.
Her lan­guage and the act of vio­lence toward the child is exact­ly the way we act. That explains why she felt empow­ered to act that way.
We can cry racism all we want but unless we begin to val­ue our­selves, oth­ers will feel no need to val­ue us.

The year 2017 saw a report­ed 1616 Jamaicans mur­dered by crim­i­nals. The new year is on par to reg­is­ter even greater num­ber of the mur­dered.
The United States State Department, as a result, has issued a trav­el advi­so­ry to Americans trav­el­ing to our coun­try.
Yet the seri­ous­ness of the wan­ton killings has elicit­ed no demon­stra­tions, no out­cry from the cit­i­zen­ry.

Protest in Boscobel St Mary after police fatal­ly shot and killed one of their own.

What has brought out the anger in them is the fact that the police shot and killed one of them and recov­ered a weapon. The nar­ra­tive com­ing from many of the imbe­ciles is that if you got off the bus late the deceased would accom­pa­ny peo­ple home, a lit­tle fact which tells me that he was some kind of enforcer or wannabe don.
We have to come to the grim real­i­ty that these com­mu­ni­ties, these peo­ple, are them­selves crim­i­nal imbe­ciles unwor­thy of our care.

Rresidents vs Police

Police vs Residents in St. Mary

Posted by Pinkwall on Friday, January 12, 2018

At some point in time, we have to come to the real­iza­tion that the peo­ple we are fight­ing for, the peo­ple we are ask­ing the Government to act to save, may not be worth sav­ing.
At some point in time, we have to rec­on­cile that in many cas­es these peo­ple are inde­fen­si­ble hea­thens unwor­thy of our efforts.

This is what INDECOM has brought Jamaica to‑, to a place where the police are on scene and are afraid to lift a fin­ger to stop the car­nage and the threat and incon­ve­nience to the trav­el­ing pub­lic.
This is what Bruce Golding gave Jamaica, it is what Portia Simpson Miller and Percival Patterson and Andrew Holness have done to our coun­try.
Effectively turn­ing our coun­try into a crim­i­nal state.This is what the polit­i­cal par­ties have done to our police depart­ment.

At this time it makes no sense to talk about the Commander on the scene who total­ly abdi­cat­ed his respon­si­bil­i­ty to the rule of law.