We should really listen when massa speaks.





For years I have been saying that the (JCF) is top heavy and that the force and its members would be better served if there were less gazetted officers.
Now the Jamaican media has managed to find two utter failures who [now ] feel that the force needs to be streamlined because it’s too top heavy It is major news.

Hardly Lewin

These two most incredibly insightful former cops [sic]  are two transplants who had no business in the JCF in the first place.
Hardly Lewin the former head of the army turned top-cop and Mark Shields former British cop seconded to Jamaica for what reason I am yet to understand had much to say about the top heavy force.

Now don’t get me wrong I totally agree that the force is top heavy.
I am on record having said it year in year out that the force does not need all of the people it has in senior positions.
I simply do not want to hear that from either of the two men who did not have the character to make those recommendations while they were in the force.
You don’t get higher than Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner in the force so why now?

Shields (photo courtesy of the Daily Gleaner)

Both Lewin and Shields had no problem while they sat atop the dirt pile, now they got kicked off they have a problem with the pile.
Mark Shields and Hardly Lewin caused more harm than good.
Shields tenure was marked more by his forays into the upper St. Andrew social scene than anything he brought to the table to assist in law enforcement.


Nevertheless, I never blamed Shields for taking advantage of the opportunity to come down and supervise the natives.
Oh, by the way, he also married one of the little native girls, has a nice consultancy gig and is much sought after for comments by the native press.
There is nothing to be said about Lewin except that his tenure at the helm of the JCF was an experiment which had catastrophic consequences for the morale of the hard working men and women of the department.


Nevertheless, as I have been saying in recent times the series of actions undertaken by the Andrew Holness administration seemed more geared at dismantling than enhancing the strength of the force.
It is an open secret that they twice offered the job of Commissioner of police to  Major General Antony Anderson and he turned it down.
Another slap in the face of the people who are quite qualified to lead the force but are unable to do so because of the stranglehold politics has on its ability to do so.

I’m still unsure what it is about the police which so fucks with the head of the upper Saint Andrew mulattos?
Oh, I get it these are the left overs from the Island’s colonial past, these are the new Bucky massas.
That’s it, you can’t have these children of the peasantry have a say over the blue bloods.
So there you have it,  anyway I am still interested in learning what exactly is the contribution of Mark Shields to our country for the money he was paid?
Hell, will someone please educate me on what good Hardly Lewin did in the time he was there, please?

Oh never mind that Mike, the Government just tripled INDECOM’s budget while police stations do not have computers and cops in barrack rooms are looking up at the stars at night.
You ever wondered why they are so in love with INDECOM?

Wonder no more, INDECOM is their police force to police the little boys from the peasantry.
Ha ha ha…