Westmoreland Businessman Murdered In Hail Of Bullets: Wife Injured…

A mor­tal­ly wound­ed Devon Paltie.
After the attack.

The shoot­ing sent work­ers and patrons alike scam­per­ing for cov­er. Since the start of the year, over 130 Jamaicans have report­ed­ly been mur­dered by the nations hood­lums.
The Prime Minister obvi­ous­ly in a state of pan­ic has declared a lim­it­ed state of emer­gency in St James Parish which record­ed well over 330 homi­cides last year alone.

Despite the state of emer­gency the Country’s Prime Minister seems to care more about the pow­er­ful lob­by which sup­ports the rights of crim­i­nals on the Island than to deal deci­sive­ly with the nation’s run­away mur­der rate which stood at a report­ed 1616 last year alone.