Whack-a-mole-crime Strategy

One zone will not have an impact on the nation­al crime rate, the impact is sup­posed to be on the zone and the imme­di­ate areas of the zone.” [Andrew Holness]

It offered a sense of relief to me to hear the Jamaican leader say those words in response to the ques­tions posed by the press a few days ago.
It offered me hope that despite the protes­ta­tions of the bots who tra­verse social media mak­ing blan­ket polit­i­cal state­ments and giv­ing sup­port to things they do not under­stand, at least he under­stands the lim­i­ta­tions of his own poli­cies.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned .…

So now that we got some sem­blance of the truth from the Prime Minister, I hope his sup­port­ers will be more informed and less bel­li­cose in their attacks on peo­ple who under­stand crime pol­i­cy.
By his own admis­sion, the PM con­ced­ed that his pol­i­cy is essen­tial­ly at best a whack-a-mole game. Create, a zone and the killers pop up some­place else.

Whether this was a Freudian slip or a real moment of hon­esty I do not know.
What I do know is that I nev­er heard this com­ing from the Prime Minister through­out the dis­cus­sion stages of the Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO) debate.

Nevertheless, now that we have heard the truth from the high­est elect­ed office hold­er it’s impor­tant to parse the real­i­ties in an hon­est and real way.
So I would like to walk the par­ti­san polit­i­cal hacks who name-call and label me with ad hominem attacks, through the holes in this process in a sim­ple and unso­phis­ti­cat­ed way.


Since the ZOSO’s are a sta­t­ic phe­nom­e­non, mean­ing, large amounts of police per­son­nel backed up by sol­diers are con­fined to a cer­tain geo­graph­ic area, crim­i­nals sim­ply slith­er away to oth­er parts of the Island.
Before the ZOSO bill became law I said crim­i­nals would sim­ply go to oth­er places.
That’s exact­ly what they did.
Local news reports have borne out those truths which actu­al­ly were not earth-shat­ter­ing pre­dic­tions, but com­mon sense assess­ments to begin with.

Murders have actu­al­ly gone up since the ZOSO law was passed and the first zone declared by the Prime Minister.
It is yet unclear if there are any con­nec­tions between the ZOSO and the esca­la­tion in homi­cides.
In pre­vi­ous arti­cles, I laid out why I believed crime would actu­al­ly increase after the ZOSO bill became law.
Not the least of which, is that crim­i­nals some­times wait to see what author­i­ties are com­ing up with before con­tin­u­ing on with their activ­i­ties. They then adjust their activ­i­ties accord­ing­ly.
As far as the ZOSO is con­cerned it did not require much for the crim­i­nal under­ground to fig­ure out that this was a noth­ing burg­er.
So it’s back to busi­ness as usu­al and with some inten­si­fi­ca­tion.

In order for ZOSO to have any chance of suc­cess, there would have to be in my esti­ma­tion one hun­dred thou­sand police and sol­diers simul­ta­ne­ous­ly swoop­ing down on polit­i­cal gar­risons and hotspots across the Island in a coör­di­nat­ed and well-exe­cut­ed exer­cise.
They would need to have snif­fer dogs which would sniff out weapons as the search teams go from house to house in search of weapons.
Additionally, the police would also have to be extra vig­i­lant on their look­out for stray crim­i­nals seek­ing to evade the heat.
Those resources would have to be sta­tioned in those com­mu­ni­ties for a pro­tract­ed peri­od of time allow­ing for what­ev­er dress­ing the Government wants to add to the hard work law enforce­ment has already done.
At the same time, there would have to be spe­cial resources ded­i­cat­ed to pre­vent­ing guns and ammu­ni­tion enter­ing the Island through the porous ports of entries.

Since the coun­try has noth­ing close to those resources the next best thing to do is to attack the prob­lem through a sys­tem­at­ic out­ward build.
This means a few things which may seem regres­sive but which are absolute­ly cru­cial in that process of build­ing out a pol­i­cy to arrest crime on the Island.

♦This means ask­ing for help from non-European coun­tries if need­ed.
Jamaica can­not use Scandinavian or oth­er European polic­ing mod­els to deal with crime.
Scandinavian coun­tries have large­ly mono­lith­ic cau­casian soci­eties which enjoy some of the best stan­dards of liv­ing on the plan­et.
Crime is low because of two fac­tors (1) Those soci­eties are intol­er­ant of crime, they have soci­eties found­ed on the rule of law.(2) Those soci­eties are wealthy so they nat­u­ral­ly have less vio­lent crimes.
Lobbyists and oth­ers on the tax-pay­ers dime who trav­el to these coun­tries then return with their mod­els should be stopped.

♦ Those who lob­by on behalf of crim­i­nals under the guise of human rights should have no seat at the table and their views ought not to inform or impact pol­i­cy.

♦ Repeal the INDECOM act.

♦ Re-do the INDECOM act, ensure that the law in no way, nei­ther by spir­it nor the let­ter gives the impres­sion to crim­i­nals that they have a friend in the law.

INDECOM Commissioner
Terrence Williams

Ensure that the law has safe­guards and con­sid­er­a­tions of law enforce­men­t’s points of view.
Attach puni­tive com­po­nents which makes it a crime for any mem­ber of INDECOM to asso­ciates, meet with or oth­er­wise col­lude with groups which lob­by against any of the groups INDECOM is tasked with inves­ti­gat­ing.

♦ Abolish the Public defend­er’s office.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

The min­istry of jus­tice and the Director of Public Prosecution ought to be the Public Defenders.
Use the resources mis­ap­pro­pri­at­ed to that depart­ment to improve the jus­tice sys­tem.
Pass laws which place crim­i­nals in prison and keep them there.
change the laws make it manda­to­ry no bail for mur­der defen­dants.
Make it manda­to­ry life with­out parole for those con­vict­ed of com­mit­ting mur­ders with a firearm.
Make it twen­ty years to life for any­one found in pos­ses­sion of an ille­gal gun.
Five years manda­to­ry for pos­ses­sion of ille­gal ammu­ni­tion.

♦ Create account­abil­i­ty stan­dards in the Police and all oth­er Government agen­cies.
The mis­in­for­ma­tion which plagues the Island that police are the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of cor­rup­tion comes from the elit­ist’s camps.
We know that the Ministers of Government regard­less of par­ty are usu­al­ly cor­rupt, so too are mem­bers of par­lia­ment.
That’s why the Contractor General’s depart­ment came into being but with­out pros­e­cu­to­r­i­al pow­ers.
All Government agen­cies are cor­rupt, begin the process of clean­ing up the cor­rup­tion from the top down.
Better train, equip, pay, super­vise, and sup­port the police.

♦ Build Prisons.Courthouses. Hire Prosecutors. Appoint Judges from the pros­e­cu­tor’s office. Both Political par­ties must eschew gar­risons, gangs and take a uni­fied stance against crime.
Anything out­side this com­pre­hen­sive approach is not a crime strat­e­gy but an attempt at deceiv­ing the pub­lic.