When History And Religion Collide On The Issue Of Homosexuality

Whatever one’s views on homo­sex­u­al­i­ty we must address the sin­gu­lar and unde­ni­able fact that this is an alter­na­tive lifestyle which does not enhance the con­tin­u­ance of life.
Nevertheless, this lifestyle has been part of human exis­tence for thou­sands of years as the Bible speaks quite elo­quent­ly and unam­bigu­ous­ly on the sub­ject.

Over the decades, at least in my short life­time, the issue of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty has become increas­ing­ly top­i­cal and has been framed with­in the con­text of indi­vid­ual rights, as against moral­i­ty.
As the debate of this issue rages it is hard to see how those who argue the issue from a moral per­spec­tive win this debate going for­ward.

It was a bril­liant stroke of genius on the part of the LGBTQ com­mu­ni­ty to align the move­ment with the ever­p­re­sent and con­tin­u­ing debate sur­round­ing Human Rights par­tic­u­lar­ly in the United States of America.
In all of this noise, no com­mu­ni­ty has been more hyp­o­crit­i­cal than the sup­posed body of Christ, or what is more com­mon­ly known as the faith com­mu­ni­ty.
The estab­lished church has demon­strat­ed that it is quite will­ing to become an Apostate in order to keep the mon­ey com­ing in even as it strug­gles to fill the pews on Sundays.

In sit­u­a­tions like these, I always ask myself what would Jesus do . The word of God is clear, Jesus taught that in seek­ing to pull up the weeds we may also uproot the wheat also. Matthew 13: vs 30. “Let both grow togeth­er until the har­vest. At the prop­er time, I will tell the har­vesters, “First col­lect the weeds and tie them in bun­dles to be burned; then gath­er the wheat into my barn”.

Jesus used this illus­tra­tion to answer a ques­tion about how we should con­duct our­selves until his return.
That is how I per­son­al­ly view the issue of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, if it is not of Christ then it is of the Devil. Therefore if I have the need to tell my broth­er or sis­ter about the dan­ger of Hell’s fire I am duty bound to warn about homo­sex­u­al­i­ty as I would about mur­der, for­ni­ca­tion, adul­tery, steal­ing, cov­etous­ness and all oth­er sins.

Jesus com­man­deth us to love ye one anoth­er John 13: Vs 34. “A new com­mand­ment I give you: Love one anoth​er​.As I have loved you, so also you must love one anoth­er”.
It is not up to us to dic­tate in the name of the lord as Christians how any­one lives, it is up to us to preach and teach moral­i­ty.
Jesus would preach a ser­mon get in a boat and go to the oth­er side of the riv­er or he would leave the peo­ple to digest what they heard while he moved on to a dif­fer­ent town.
He nev­er hung around to beat any­one over the head with the good news of sal­va­tion. As Christians, we must rec­og­nize that the word of God is not a tool with which we blud­geon oth­ers over the head, it is up to us to tell oth­ers of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Those who sup­pose to rep­re­sent Christ here on earth have a duty as with any sin to preach/​teach the truth of the Bible and do not become a word unto them­selves.
God’s word is sacro­sanct, it is unchang­ing and may not be explained away by man. More than any­thing the Apostates who con­tin­ue to use Gods words to get along and fill offer­ing plates will have much to account for on that day of reck­on­ing.

Whether one agrees with Jamaica’s anti-sodomy laws or not is a legit­i­mate sub­ject of debate.
What is not up for debate is what the Bible says on the sub­ject of Homosexuality as it does on all sins.
Jesus com­mand­ed his Apostles to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel. In so doing all except one, was myrtered for preach­ing the gospel.

What pass­es for the Church today seem to be noth­ing more than apos­tates will­ing to bring the name of Jesus Christ into dis­re­pute, Homosexual acts with lit­tle boys, adul­tery with parish­ioners wives and hus­bands, get­ting rich from poor peo­ple’s faith and a pletho­ra of oth­er craven and rapa­cious actions have caused many young peo­ple today to look at the church with dis­dain.

So it came as no sur­prise that many of those who walk about the mar­ket­place in long robes would con­tin­ue to deceive the peo­ple as they did while Jesus walked the earth. Luke 20: Vs 46 – 47. Beware of the scribes. They like to walk around in long robes, and they love the greet­ings in the mar­ket­places, the chief seats in the syn­a­gogues, and the places of hon­or at ban­quets. 47They defraud wid­ows of their hous­es, and for a show make lengthy prayers. These men will receive greater con­dem­na­tion.”


Archbishop of the WI says Bible does not support anti-sodomy laws !!!

At a forum orga­nized by local and inter­na­tion­al inter­est groups, at The University of the West Indies (UWI) Regional Headquarters in Mona Saint Andrew Jamaica. Keynote speak­er Rev Dr John Holder, arch­bish­op of the West Indies, argued that the Bible does not sup­port sodomy laws, which are relics of British coloni­sa­tion, and that the text can­not be used for “homo bash­ing”, as all the ref­er­ences to homo­sex­u­al­i­ty in the Bible “are sparse” and were used in spe­cif­ic con­texts. “It is not there in Leviticus, in Romans, even in Timothy… The text can­not be twist­ed in that way,” he said, argu­ing that if it is accept­ed that con­text deter­mines inter­pre­ta­tion, then the con­text in which the few scrip­tures that refer to homo­sex­u­al­i­ty were used, can­not be ignored.

Bishop Holder

Dr. Holder fur­ther main­tained that the strong anti-gay sen­ti­ments that still exist in the Caribbean have more to do with cul­ture than moral­i­ty. He stressed that strong­ly root­ed in the Caribbean psy­che is the impor­tance of pro­cre­ation. “The reluc­tance of the for­mer colonies to aban­don sodomy laws may more be a cul­tur­al thing rather than a legal one, or even a moral one or reli­gious one,” he said.(jamaicaob​serv​er​.com)

What Bishop Holder did in one fell swoop was to sup­plant the scrip­ture with his learned view, effec­tive­ly mak­ing him­self not God-like but a God, in whose words doc­tri­nal prin­ci­ples are authen­ti­cat­ed and val­i­dat­ed.

By seek­ing to nul­li­fy whats actu­al­ly writ­ten in the Bible cre­at­ing his own doc­trine instead, Dr. Holder com­plete­ly ignores or rather may be igno­rant of oth­er char­ac­ter­is­tics which dri­ve the intense abhor­rence of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty in Jamaica and indeed the broad­er Caribbean.

There is much infor­ma­tion with­in the pub­lic space which sug­gests that the anger with which Jamaicans view Homosexual behav­ior may have much more to do with his­to­ry rather than reli­gion in many cas­es.

The prac­tice referred to as Buck-Breaking is well known as a means by which white plan­ta­tion own­ers raped enslaved males who showed signs of unwill­ing­ness to bow to their will.
The issue of bru­tal rapes vis­it­ed upon enslaved females is well doc­u­ment­ed, not so the vicious­ness of the brutish and demon­ic cru­el­ty and degra­da­tion of homo­sex­u­al sodom­iz­ing of many of our fore­fa­thers.

Even if some­how the good­ly cler­gy­man could stretch the realms of cred­i­bil­i­ty and con­vince us that the Bible is not to be believed and even as he pro­fess­es to be a preach­er of the good word it is impos­si­ble that he would con­vince us that we should accept that lifestyle based on its his­to­ry of vio­lence and degra­da­tion of our peo­ple.

The issue of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty may very well be viewed from the per­spec­tive of human rights and as such, no one should ever attempt to dic­tate what some­one else does in their own homes.

Nevertheless it is impor­tant to under­stand that even though one have a right to do what he or she wants, does not make it moral in the sight of God or accept­able to oth­ers.

We all have to share this plan­et, we should learn to live togeth­er regard­less of our dif­fer­ences, racial, reli­gious, sex­u­al or oth­er­wise.

Attempting to change the writ­ten word of God is a under­hand­ed way of going about it. Those who call them­selves preach­ers of the Gospel does tremen­dous harm to the body of Christ when they chose to ele­vate them­selves above his word.
And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophe­cy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are writ­ten in this book.” (Rev. 22:18 – 19.)

2 thoughts on “When History And Religion Collide On The Issue Of Homosexuality

  1. Enlightening piece . Endorse whole heart­ed­ly your per­spec­tive on the real pur­pose of the church as against what is the focus of the mod­ern church today . As to Mr. Holders’ per­spec­tive, he was by no means twist­ing the word of God for his own expe­di­en­cy, mere­ly point­ing out that the Bible did not speak to or implied in any­way a con­dem­na­tion of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. I read the arti­cle , and it would seem that this is what Mr..Holder was artic­u­lat­ing. Great per­spec­tive though on the issue . I think you missed the point Mr. Holder was artic­u­lat­ing.

    • Your mind has been con­quered and not even a “John Crow” can­not find it because it is lost in a time long, long ago!

      If you are a decent, hon­est, eth­i­cal, and con­scionable human being, you would have writ­ten the truth elo­quent­ly and repu­di­ate the repro­bate who’s pre­tend­ing to be a man of God, when he is not!

      The BIBLE itself has its own mean­ing in which the words are in acronyms:

      B — Basic
      I — Instructions
      B — Before
      L — Leaving
      E — Earth. That’s the man­u­al for us as human beings and not the rep­til­lians and depraved mind­ed peo­ple to abide by as means of being decent, hon­est, and respect­ing the laws of God.

      Not even Satan want­ed any­thing to do with them because their lev­el of deprav­i­ty super­sede his modus operan­di. That he informed on the homo­sex­u­als who were liv­ing in Sodom and Gomorrah to the cre­ator. Not once in the Bible, the dev­il give these sub­hu­mans any val­i­da­tion because they’re not con­tribut­ing to his plan. The DEVIL has pow­ers but he does­n’t want them around him!

      You are an uncon­scionable, dis­hon­est, and UNGODLY per­son [if you are real­ly a human being] who want to cre­ate your own God and what his laws should be.

      God is not going to nego­ti­ate with none of these immoral peo­ple and irre­spec­tive of the lies that they want to spread. Only a fool­ish per­son would believe such non­sense that the rec­tum is a sex organ IT’S for excre­tion of feces the body refus­es and want noth­ing to do with the stench and the infec­tious dis­eases in it.

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