When the likes of Paul Burke support anti-crime legislation we have reached critical mass….

(Chubble ketch yu pickney shut fit yu )!!!
Old Jamaican proverb !
Translation when you get in trouble you are forced to do things you would normally never do.


The Jamaican Government is in a mad rush to pass by mid July a bill into law it calls the Special Security of Community Development Measure.
I commend the Government for now recognizing that something drastic needs to be done to corral the Island’s galloping murder rate.
Since the start of the year almost 700 Jamaicans have been reported murdered. In addition to those shot and injured other types of assaults, including sexual assaults and a general sense of lawlessness is the norm. This in addition to the insane carnage on the Island’s roadways, which has resulted  in 156 fatalities up to May 8th.

Ignore Bunting And Phillips On Crime: Not Long Ago Bunting Wanted Divine Intervention…

The new legislation is being touted as a means toward bringing down the Island’s out of control murder numbers.
Many Jamaicans at different levels believe there is no need for more laws or emergency powers for law enforcement.
What is needed they argue is a restructuring of the criminal justice system.
I concur.

There is much that the police can do with the immense powers they have if  they  learn to use those powers intelligently.
Since the longstanding emergency powers  of the 70’s and 80’s have been pulled from the police they have struggled to deal effectively with crime .
Nevertheless, intelligence gathering, exploiting the fleeing felon arrangements and other built-ins, allows police  officers to do their jobs without unduly inconveniencing citizens,  or abrogating their rights.

Sadly  the arc of crime is not going to be bent by this bit of legislation even if it becomes law.
Another law which singles out communities rather than individuals and entities (gangs) are probably going to yield negligible results at best and worse case may even exacerbate rather than fix the problems it is intended to fix.

There is much which can be done without another bit of anti-crime legislation.

♦Hiring judges who respect the law , not judges who rely on their own emotions regarding bail and sentencing.
♦ Hire more judges and prosecutors.
♦ Remove corruption from the Judiciary
♦ Remove corruption from the police department.
♦ Repeal the INDECOM Act and reauthorize a law which investigates like the FBI does , not an agency of one person’s ego , which create conflict with law-enforcement and align itself with lobby groups which are opposed to police.
♦ Train and equip hundreds of motivated young officers who want to serve in the CIB.
♦ Eliminate political interference from law enforcement and eliminate political connections to criminal gangs.
♦ Both political parties must come together and throw their unequivocal support behind the police.

The foregone is not a panacea for the elimination of crime . It is a road map which if expanded upon will begin the slow and tedious return of Jamaica to some semblance of  safety and security.
Civility and respect must be taught in the home.

It is a welcome change to see PNP standout Paul Burke come out in support of the new anti-crime initiatives of the administration, despite intransigence and obstruction from leaders of his party.
If old front-line soldiers of the PNP like Burke can now see the need to stop with the pussyfooting I don’t know what it will take to wake up the leadership of the country that the play time thing has long passed.

The PNP fraudulently maintain that more powers to law enforcement means the rights of Jamaicans will be taken away.
In a brilliant rebuttal to his party Burke said “Our rights have already been taken away…I have witnessed first-hand the level of fear…I used to be able to go across many communities, I am [now] reluctant to do so” .

In the meantime , while the Government is dead set on getting this magical bit of legislation passed by mid July ,it has invited the regular shapers of policy to make submission about the legislation.
Of course the interest groups which have always impacted anti-crime legislation are the very same groups which will be informing the debate on this one as well.
In the end this bit of magic will have the same degenerative effect the INDECOM law has had on crime.
The Norman Manley Law School.
The Bar Association.
Anti-Police lobby, Jamaicans for Justice(JFJ. FAST, PMI, and the other criminal supporting cabal of deplorables, all of which make money or gain relevance from crime.

The personification of stupidity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result….