Who Looks Out For Crime Victims When The Justice Ministry’s Goal Is The Interest Of Criminals?

The Jamaican peo­ple get noth­ing from Delroy Chuck’s so-called SENTENCE REDUCTION DAY.
The peo­ple get “NOTHING” from the give­away of these arbi­trary 50% reduc­tion in sentences,“ZERO”.
Why would the Government under any cir­cum­stances be engaged in giv­ing these mas­sive reduc­tions in sen­tences with­out get­ting any­thing in return?
The cost vast­ly out­weighs any per­ceived ben­e­fit which may be arrived at as it relates to unclog­ging the court dock­ets.
Now DELROY CHUCK is active­ly engaged in expung­ing the crim­i­nal records of con­vict­ed felons.

Andrew Holness PM

A felon’s record is a vital tool for law enforce­ment, why would a sin­gle indi­vid­ual be work­ing to dis­man­tle the foun­da­tions of law enforce­ment in a coun­try which is already flood­ed with crime?
The coun­try is alleged to have hun­dreds of gangs if at all those con­ces­sions are offered to offend­ers it should be to gath­er evi­dence on the Gangs and on indi­vid­u­als who are engaged in crim­i­nal activ­i­ties.

Delroy Chuck Justice Minister

That intel­li­gence should not be just in the form of giv­ing police a few names but should be action­able intel­li­gence which bears fruits before the deal any deal is con­sum­mat­ed.
So while the peo­ple clam­or for police account­abil­i­ty and police pro­duc­tiv­i­ty ele­ments of the Government are active­ly engaged in mak­ing the job of law enforce­ment expo­nen­tial­ly more dif­fi­cult.