Whoops Just Like I Said .…

It’s much eas­i­er to shoot the mes­sen­ger than give up our safe places in our heads, be dragged away from the com­fort zones we cre­at­ed in our own minds.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned .…

So we con­tin­ue to dwell in places of unre­al­i­ty rather than assess the mes­sage and change.
Instead of heed­ing the warn­ing bea­con from the light­house and turn the ship around we con­tin­ue right into the rocks, all while telling our­selves the light is beck­on­ing us to come clos­er.

ZOSO ‑So So ?

It is rather unfor­tu­nate that the Jamaican peo­ple have allowed them­selves to be trib­al­ized by the two polit­i­cal par­ties that they see lit­er­al­ly every­thing through the lens of the par­ty they sup­port.
It is a new kind of con­trol on the minds of the mass­es which caus­es them to slav­ish­ly embrace lies and pro­pa­gan­da as facts at the expense of truth and rea­son.

Holness Has No Standing To Tell Cops Not To Kill Anyone..Zones Law Cynical Attempt To Place Blame On Police…

What the hell are you talk­ing about Mike?
Well, to begin with, there is the avalanche of feed­back I get, some print­able oth­ers not so much regard­ing my stance on the recent­ly enact­ed (ZOSO) law, ha ha ha .

Oh, why are you so neg­a­tive”?
“Why can’t you wait and see if it will work”?
“Give the thing a chance kum­red .” This one real­ly cracks me up though, me a kum­red.

Two Competing Philosophies, Neither Has The Potential For A Positive Outcome

Now, why would I wait to see if a bar­rel rolling down­hill toward the sea will end up in the sea?
What are the chances that ‑that bar­rel will sud­den­ly change or defy the laws of grav­i­ty, turn around and head back up the hill?
Okay while you pon­der that prob­a­bil­i­ty I am going to move on to facts and things which can actu­al­ly hap­pen.
You know just like I said ZOSO was not a crime pol­i­cy it was a smoke screen designed to paci­fy you?
Look there are some things this admin­is­tra­tion is doing right, the ZOSO law is not one of them.

Peter Phillips Opposition leader.

The dol­lar is kin­da sta­ble, accord­ing to some reports, there are more peo­ple employed than ever before even though I would ques­tion whether much of those jobs are not pub­lic sec­tor jobs cre­at­ed by the myr­i­ad gov­ern­ment agen­cies?
Big Government at work, don’t get me wrong, to a man who needs to eat a job is a job pri­vate or pub­lic sec­tor.
Never mind that the oth­er polit­i­cal par­ty would do the same, they are the archi­tects of big dys­func­tion­al gov­ern­ment.
They tax every­one blind­ly then give the mon­ey to loy­al­ists for jobs they nev­er show up to do or from which there is no return on invest­ment.

Peter Bunting, no cred­i­bil­i­ty on crime.
Once said crime required divine inter­ven­tion.

I lay no claim to fame for pre­dict­ing accu­rate­ly the out­comes which would emanate from the exe­cu­tion of ZOSO.
You heard it here first, spelled it out in detail and explained why ZOSO could not work.
Yup, I likened the flood­ing of cer­tain areas with police and mil­i­tary bod­ies to a lit­tle water in a tied bal­loon, squeeze one end and the water rush­es to the oth­er end of the bal­loon.

I said it was not a crime strat­e­gy because it was­n’t at con­cep­tion and it still isn’t on exe­cu­tion.
The arro­gance and indeed the igno­rance of some with­in the rul­ing labor par­ty as it relates to this fias­co is stun­ning­ly pal­pa­ble.
Street crim­i­nals are cer­tain­ly not as stu­pid as their con­tem­po­raries who dou­ble as politi­cians.
Why would any­one expect crim­i­nals to sit and wait for cops to come arrest them and take their expen­sive auto­mat­ic weapons?

Of course, crime would increase in oth­er areas as a result of this fias­co.
I said so because I know what the hell I am talk­ing about.
Interestingly, this bit of social engi­neer­ing will fail like all of the oth­er attempts at putting the lock on the run­away crime on the Island.

The fact is that Jamaica is a good place for crim­i­nals to ply their trade. It is real­ly bad and it’s going to get even worse because word gets around real­ly fast that Jamaica is open for crim­i­nal busi­ness.
These men­tal retards who run our affairs have no idea what they are open­ing up our coun­try for.
Stay tuned and put your seat­belts on.