Why Can’t We Love Both Ishawna And Miss Lou?

Nationalism is great we swell up with pride when we hear the nation­al anthem (some of us do), we proud until we wan­na buss, (col­lo­qui­al slang)when Usain and Shell-Ann, and Elaine and Asafa and oth­ers burn up the tracks leav­ing every­one in the dust.
We will not be told that Reggae music is not the best music ever.
Never mind that some of us nev­er lis­tened to reg­gae until all of Europe, Africa, and Asia fell in love with the music and the musi­cians.


In fact, many of us did not want Bob any­where near our pre­cious uptown enclave of Hope road, we claim him now though, we even refer to him as “Bob”, we are on a first name basis.
The boogy-yag­ga reg­gae music was­n’t even played on the radio except late on Saturday nights on JBC FM, (a dread at the con­trols). The pul­sat­ing rhythms of the reg­gae beat we fell in love with we heard on the sound sys­tems, not on fame FM or RJR.

We Jamaicans are a fierce­ly nation­al­is­tic peo­ple, in fact, “nu weh nu bet­ta dan yard” is not just a slang, it is not only memo­ri­al­ized in our music a‑la Tinga Stewart, it is part of our pop culture.“Never mind that many of us are singing nu weh nu bet­ta dan yard from farin or singing from yaad after wi get deport.

The icon­ic Louise Bennett Coverly, miss Lou..

Never mind that though we are here.
Wouldn’t it be nice though if we attached that nation­al­is­tic fer­vor to whats hap­pen­ing with crime?
Wouldn’t it be nice if we took pride in our coun­try by not killing each oth­er? How about not dump­ing trash and the non-bio degrad­able garbage into gul­lies and streams?
How about we show our love for coun­try by hold­ing thiev­ing politi­cians account­able?

Reggae Artist Ishawna

How in hell does a mere state­ment by Ishawna who ref­er­enced Miss Lou become a pari­ah sim­ply by say­ing “mi nu wear table claat like miss Lou.”
Give me a damn break, save me the faux out­rage okay, she was not diss­ing Miss Lou she mere­ly used miss Lou’s name because miss Lou pop­u­lar­ized ban­dana.
How many of the faux nation­al­ists ever wore ban­dana? None, nada zilch.
Get off your high hors­es already.
I am so sick of the fake nation­al­ists who talk about nev­er leav­ing yaad, then find out they nev­er left because they nev­er got a visa.

Since we are so patri­ot­ic why can’t we love every­one, why is it that we can only love one at a time?

Why can’t we love both women who demon­stra­bly come from two dif­fer­ent eras and go take sev­er­al seats with the ad hominin attacks on Ishawna?
Does she have to be a dev­il because you may not agree with what she said.
Save the out­rage you hyp­ocrites and par­a­sites, “sor­ry Bob”.

Tanya Stephens

I loved the icon­ic miss Lou and guess what I also like Ishawna, in fact just to piss off the Pharisees who crit­i­cize and attack every­one whose views does not line up with theirs, I also love me some Tanya Stephens, so there.
She is a ter­rif­ic artist and lyri­cist.

Look, Jamaica is a very sweet, place beau­ti­ful and all.
Lord knows I wish we had good lead­er­ship I would­n’t live any­where else.
But let’s not get car­ried away many of you are bit­ter, bad mind­ed and grudge­ful peo­ple who can only hate.
So stop with the damn fake Nationalistic bullshit.Patriotism is not defined by geog­ra­phy, or what one says about a piece of cloth or even some­one you revere. Get over your­selves.
Glad I got that out, I feel much bet­ter now.