Why We Should Condemn The Riots …

:Contributor: Errol McLeish

We saw the trau­mat­ic video as it unfolds, show­ing the homi­cide of George Floyd. Then there was the wel­comed, unster­ile humane pub­li­cized speedy response by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey con­demn­ing the killing and the sub­se­quent fir­ing of the police offi­cers involved in the death of George Floyd. Not to out­done these occur­rences was the pre­cip­i­tous demon­stra­tion by brown, black, and white folks in response to the hor­rif­ic killing of this black man.
This was indeed a wel­come sign and an indi­ca­tion that even for a short while that there was some sem­blance of uni­ty, demon­strat­ing to the nation that this hor­rif­ic inci­dent was unac­cept­able. People were tak­ing notice, and an inves­ti­ga­tion was launched into the mat­ter and there was some indi­ca­tion that there would be speedy and swift jus­tice this time around unlike oth­er inci­dents.

Then with­out notice, some of the pro­test­ers, includ­ing blacks, had to spoil. this most­ly qui­et demon­stra­tion by the peo­ple and start­ed loot­ing and burn­ing police sta­tion and estab­lish­ments that have been the employ­ment ves­sel for many of their cit­i­zens. Black Americans, should nev­er have allowed them­selves to be a part of this mis­guid­ed action which might fur­ther facil­i­tate ill-con­ceived and erro­neous pre­sumed per­cep­tion that blacks are riotous hood­lums sus­cep­ti­ble to vio­lent incli­na­tion.
Some might say, why should we not burn the place down, and loot and steal and spread chaos to demon­strate our frus­tra­tion with a sys­tem that is tar­get­ing blacks?
Any affir­ma­tive response to that ques­tion evi­dent­ly defies ratio­nale. You see, many of the places tar­get­ed have absolute­ly noth­ing to do with the killing of George Floyd. I would has­ten to say many of those engaged in the burn­ing of many of these estab­lish­ments, are not employed, how could they be, it would be tan­ta­mount to bit­ing the hands that feed them?
Violence begets vio­lence, and there­fore the cycle will con­tin­ue, we have seen this before and the only per­sons who usu­al­ly get hurt are the very per­sons who live in the area.

The vio­lence has served only to over­shad­ow the wicked and atro­cious actions of the police offi­cers who con­tributed to the death of George Floyd. Now the focus has shift­ed to the riots and the burn­ing of a city. There is no rea­son to believe that these vio­lent action will ensure that these ex-police offi­cers will be charged and con­vict­ed, we have seen this in the past before, what it will cer­tain­ly do is tremen­dous­ly dam­age the lives of the many inno­cent peo­ple in the city. I tru­ly believe a more non­vi­o­lent approach would have been just as effec­tive. That pos­si­bil­i­ty and even the like­li­hood of that hap­pen­ing is uncer­tain and now we can only hope that good sense will pre­vail in this dan­ger­ous cock­tail envi­ron­ment and that a just and equi­table result will be real­ized to rec­ti­fy the wrong done against George Floyd.

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