Wrong Headed Approach To Crime.….….fueling Crime (video)

Having writ­ten a num­ber of arti­cles explain­ing why the Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO) would at best be stop-gap, I believe wast­ing more time talk­ing about it would be coun­ter­pro­duc­tive.
Nevertheless, I was not opposed to the ZOSO as a mod­el con­cept, even though I was under no illu­sion that the nation had the resources to build out the con­cept to scale.

If the goal was to demon­strate that some­one with­in the admin­is­tra­tion under­stood how peace and some sem­blance of nor­mal­cy could be returned to some depressed com­mu­ni­ties then the admin­is­tra­tion may take a bow.
As a mat­ter of urgency and nation­al import, how­ev­er, the cre­ation of ZOSO was the equiv­a­lent of using a band-aid to stop the bleed­ing of a sev­ered arm.

The incom­pre­hen­si­ble pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with using the advice of doc­tors, pas­tors, lawyers, farm­ers, and oth­ers to shape nation­al secu­ri­ty pol­i­cy has had dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences for the coun­try, yet the same method­ol­o­gy is applied over and over with the expec­ta­tion that we will end up with dif­fer­ent results some­how.

The ques­tion of the nation’s approach to crime fight­ing is not nec­es­sar­i­ly about resources or the lack there­of but rather it is intrin­si­cal­ly more to do with a dif­fer­ent atti­tude. As long as the nation’s lead­ers tap their elit­ist friends for solu­tions to a prob­lem they have no solu­tions to, the peo­ple of Jamaica can expect a con­tin­u­a­tion of the mas­sive loss of life which has become a sta­ple now for decades.

As long as the Government and oppo­si­tion par­ty refus­es to give the police the respect it deserves. As long as they con­tin­ue to make laws which are demon­stra­bly harm­ful to the police. As long as they con­tin­ue to cre­ate agen­cies and sup­port the anti-police activ­i­ties which go on in some of its own min­istries. And as long as the empha­sis is on the pro­tec­tion of the rights of mur­der­ing scum­bag crim­i­nals then expect that this Island will con­tin­ue to den­i­grate into a total­ly failed state.

The prob­lem of the edu­cat­ed dunces added to the reg­u­lar dunces who all have become sud­den experts on crime pol­i­cy and crime fight­ing is the Achilles heel of this beau­ti­ful coun­try. The obses­sion of these lead­ers far exceeds the stu­pid­i­ty of those myth­i­cal Trojans who paid atten­tion only to the mag­nif­i­cence of the horse nev­er both­er­ing to see what was inside, allow­ing the Greeks to enter their city and even­tu­al­ly over­take them while they slept.

A friend remarked days ago that its just a mat­ter of time before some of the heav­i­ly armed mer­ce­nar­ies invade the par­lia­ment and take over the coun­try.
I thought about it and in fact, I have been warn­ing about that very same prospect for years. The events of 2010 ought to have been a warn­ing but alas both the Government and oppo­si­tion par­ty has dou­bled down on stu­pid.
If past is pro­logue then my friend may very well be onto some­thing, maybe it is not such a bad idea to sim­ply wait and see then.

If a farmer wants to pro­duce good crops he has to under­take a series of events before he can reap the rewards of a bumper har­vest. He must first clear the brush which may be the labo­ri­ous process of count­less strokes of many machetes, or it could be the scorched earth assault using gra­max­one or some oth­er brand of weed killer.
Then comes the plow­ing, some­times fur­row­ing, irri­ga­tion, fer­til­iza­tion, sow­ing seeds, wait­ing, and a lot more.
The idea that we can admin­is­ter com­mu­ni­ty polic­ing in areas which are law­less with­out first doing the hard work as in the case of the farmer, is some­thing only the elites who grad­u­ate from the intel­lec­tu­al ghet­to would con­cep­tu­al­ize out of their stu­pid self-absorbed ass­es.

The evi­dence is clear that the type of crim­i­nals who are com­mit­ting the heinous acts they com­mit are not ordi­nary crim­i­nals and that the approach­es to com­bat­ting them can­not be ordi­nary approach­es. Yet the Government is con­strained by its own cre­ations from empow­er­ing the secu­ri­ty forces to go after these sub-human killers/​. And so it requires spe­cial emer­gency dec­la­ra­tions for the secu­ri­ty forces to go after and evis­cer­ate them and in the process send clear and unequiv­o­cal mes­sages that their actions will not be tol­er­at­ed.

Imagine the FBI or any oth­er agency of gov­ern­ment ham­per­ing local and state law enforce­ment agen­cies from going after dan­ger­ous killers? The mass killings in vary­ing parts of the tiny Island defies the stu­pid con­ven­tion­al lack of wis­dom that crime is every­where.
The Security forces final­ly neu­tral­iz­ing mass killer Nico Samuels is a tes­ta­ment to what the secu­ri­ty forces face dai­ly, yet there are those who ques­tion the police ver­sion of events even though the killers them­selves brag about their trade with­out care.

This is what Jamaica has become and it is not get­ting bet­ter. The focus is not on the rule of law it is an upside­down cart drag­ging the ass­es type of approach which favors those who kill and their spon­sors and the ver­mins and par­a­sites who have rel­e­vance as a result of their anti-police stances.