Wrong headed approach to crime………fueling crime (video)



Having written a number of articles explaining why the Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO)  would at best be stop-gap, I believe wasting more time talking about it would be counterproductive.
Nevertheless, I was not opposed to the ZOSO as a  model concept, even though I was under no illusion that the nation had the resources to build out the concept to scale.

If the goal was to demonstrate that someone within the administration understood how peace and some semblance of normalcy could be returned to some depressed communities then the administration may take a bow.
As a matter of urgency and national import, however, the creation of ZOSO was the equivalent of using a band-aid to stop the bleeding of a severed arm.

The incomprehensible preoccupation with using the advice of doctors, pastors, lawyers, farmers, and others to shape national security policy has had devastating consequences for the country, yet the same methodology is applied over and over with the expectation that we will end up with different results somehow.

The question of the nation’s approach to crime fighting is not necessarily about resources or the lack thereof but rather it is intrinsically more to do with a different attitude. As long as the nation’s leaders tap their elitist friends for solutions to a problem they have no solutions to, the people of Jamaica can expect a continuation of the massive loss of life which has become a staple now for decades.

As long as the Government and opposition party refuses to give the police the respect it deserves. As long as they continue to make laws which are demonstrably harmful to the police. As long as they continue to create agencies and support the anti-police activities which go on in some of its own ministries. And as long as the emphasis is on the protection of the rights of murdering scumbag criminals then expect that this Island will continue to denigrate into a totally failed state.

The problem of the educated dunces added to the regular dunces who all have become sudden experts on crime policy and crime fighting is the Achilles heel of this beautiful country. The obsession of these leaders far exceeds the stupidity of those mythical Trojans who paid attention only to the magnificence of the horse never bothering to see what was inside, allowing the Greeks to enter their city and eventually overtake them while they slept.

A friend remarked days ago that its just a matter of time before some of the heavily armed mercenaries invade the parliament and take over the country.
I thought about it and in fact, I have been warning about that very same prospect for years. The events of 2010 ought to have been a warning but alas both the Government and opposition party has doubled down on stupid.
If past is prologue then my friend may very well be onto something, maybe it is not such a bad idea to simply wait and see then.

If a farmer wants to produce good crops he has to undertake a series of events before he can reap the rewards of a bumper harvest. He must first clear the brush which may be the laborious process of countless strokes of many machetes, or it could be the scorched earth assault using gramaxone or some other brand of weed killer.
Then comes the plowing, sometimes furrowing, irrigation, fertilization, sowing seeds, waiting, and a lot more.
The idea that we can administer community policing in areas which are lawless without first doing the hard work as in the case of the farmer, is something only the elites who graduate from the intellectual ghetto would conceptualize out of their stupid self-absorbed asses.

The evidence is clear that the type of criminals who are committing the heinous acts they commit are not ordinary criminals and that the approaches to combatting them cannot be ordinary approaches. Yet the Government is constrained by its own creations from empowering the security forces to go after these sub-human killers/. And so it requires special emergency declarations for the security forces to go after and eviscerate them and in the process send clear and unequivocal messages that their actions will not be tolerated.

Imagine the FBI or any other agency of government hampering local and state law enforcement agencies from going after dangerous killers? The mass killings in varying parts of the tiny Island defies the stupid conventional lack of wisdom that crime is everywhere.
The Security forces finally neutralizing mass killer Nico Samuels is a testament to what the security forces face daily, yet there are those who question the police version of events even though the killers themselves brag about their trade without care.

This is what Jamaica has become and it is not getting better. The focus is not on the rule of law it is an upsidedown cart dragging the asses type of approach which favors those who kill and their sponsors and the vermins and parasites who have relevance as a result of their anti-police stances.